Crime Chief sent on leave to facilitate probe

Last Updated on Tuesday, 25 June 2019, 21:25 by Writer

Deputy Police Commissioner Lyndon Alves

Deputy Commissioner of Police, Lyndon Alves has been sent on leave to pave the way for an investigation, but acting Deputy Police Commissioner Nigel Hoppie declined to say whether the move had anything to with swirling allegations in Berbice.

“Mr. Lyndon Alves has been sent on leave to facilitate an investigation,” he told Demerara Waves Online News. Hoppie could not say how long Alves would be off the job.

Deputy Commissioner Hoppie said no other officer has been sent on leave.

Alves, being a Deputy Police Commissioner, is not constitutionally subjected to disciplinary proceedings by the Police Service Commission.

Superintendent Michael Kingston is said to be now acting Crime Chief.

In Berbice, following the shooting death of three armed men, who had allegedly been engaged in a violent crime spree in Region 6 (East Berbice-Corentyne), reports are that the telephone numbers of policemen were found in cellular phones that had been in possession of the bandits.

Alves, Hoppie, Maxine Graham and Paul Williams were appointed Deputy Police Commissioners in August 2018 to serve under Police Commissioner Leslie James who was elevated to that position at the same time.

Alves is a former senior commanding officer of the Presidential Guard.