OPINION: Time to Heal Guyana from racism after no-confidence vote

Last Updated on Saturday, 22 December 2018, 12:19 by Denis Chabrol

By Heal Guyana

By now you may be aware that the PPP’s No-Confidence motion has been carried last (Friday) night. As a result of this, there have already been countless racist outbursts on social media, not only from known political party activists but also from normal everyday people who are angry at the recent development.

Heal Guyana is currently working on a way forward which will place a heavy focus on our ongoing anti-racism campaign efforts, along with other courses of action which will be necessary for advocating peace and unity within our nation at this very critical time.

Heal Guyana Members and Volunteers will be called upon to actively join in these non-partisan efforts. But we also encourage members of the public who are not officially within our circle to join hands with us in this pledge of peace, love and responsible conduct toward each other regardless of political beliefs or affiliation.

Christmas is in the air and we urge everyone who is reading this message to use the spirit of the season as a tangible reminder of who we are as Guyanese — living, sharing and working along with each other beyond the social constructs of race, creed or party politics. These are the qualities that will pave our way toward a prosperous Guyana, regardless of who governs.

Please, let us rise above destructive emotions to harness our inner voice of reason; if not for the sake of our country’s future then for the sake of Guyana’s children who look to us for safety, stability and good example.