Driver, conductor of overloaded minibus convicted

Last Updated on Friday, 8 June 2018, 22:14 by Denis Chabrol

Minibus driver, Leon Jaggernauth

A minibus driver and conductor on Friday pleaded guilty to a string of offences after police nabbed them in response to a Facebook video that showed the vehicle was overloaded with schoolchildren.

A Guyana Police Force spokesman said the driver, Leon Jaggernaught, 38 of Laluni Highway and conductor Joshua Khan, 22, of 560 Golden Grove East Bank Demerara pleaded guilty to all of the offences.

Jaggernauth was also suspended from driving for three months, police said,

They were charged with overcrowded front seat, breach of insurance, untidy driver, overloaded minibus, untidy conductor and unlicensed conductor.

The Providence Magistrates’ Court reportedly reprimanded and discharged on the untidy charges; fined a total of GY$70,00 on the other charges and the driver has been suspended from driving for three months.

Conductor, Joshua Khan

The Guyana Police Force has already said the overloading of minibus, BWW 7259, was “disturbing”  as the schoolchildren were “packed like sardines” in the vehicle.