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Two charged with robbing elderly man of pension

Last Updated on Tuesday, 6 February 2018, 17:12 by Denis Chabrol

Two  men, who allegedly robbed a 71-year old man of his pension shortly after he got it, were arrested moments after and gave since been charged, police said.

“The suspects have since been charged with Robbery with Violence and are scheduled to appear before a Magistrate at the Sparendaam Magistrates’ Courts tomorrow,” police said.

They have been identified as 25-year old Devon “Ivan” Watson of 100 Noble Street, Friendship, East Coast Demerara  and Philbert “Dagan” Rogers of 59 Friendship, East Coast Demerara.

After encashing the pension voucher, the resident of  LeRessouvenir, East Coast Demerara, was robbed while leaving a supermarket.

However, as the 71-year-old was making his way home, he decided to stop and purchase something to eat at a supermarket at Vryheid’s Lust, ECD; as he was leaving on his pedal cycle, two males pounced and relieved him of an envelope containing his entire pension.

The suspects before fleeing on a bicycle on which they came, violently pushed the septuagenarian to the ground,” police said.

Minutes later, the elderly victim managed to flag down a passing police vehicle, in which was seated, the Deputy Commander of ‘C’ Division, Superintendent Walter Stanton and reported the matter.

Based on the general description of the suspects, the Superintendent along with his driver arrested the street robbers at La Bonne Intention with the victim’s property, including his Identification Card, secreted in one of the perpetrators crotch.