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PPP does not respect President Granger, says Jagdeo

FLASH BACK: Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo meeting with President David Granger.

Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo on Wednesday declared that his People’s Progressive Party does not have any respect for President David Granger and assailed government on several ‘vulgarities’ including broken promises and extravagant spending of taxpayers’ dollars.

“We do respect the institution of the presidency but not the person who holds that office now,” Jagdeo told a news conference in reaction to Granger’s description of PPP parliamentarians as “vulgarians” because they picketed and heckled him during his address to Parliament last week Thursday.

At the heart of the PPP’s protestations is President Granger’s unilateral appointment of Retired Justice James Patterson as Chairman of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) after rejecting the Opposition Leader’s 18 nominees.

House Speaker, Dr. Barton Scotland is yet to comment on the occurrence and would most likely do so on November 17, 2017 when the House meets again. Jagdeo suggested that the Speaker might have approved of the placard bearing in the House because he did not intervene or identify any breach of the standing order.

“The speaker might have agreed with our position because I did not see the Speaker intervene and  tell us that we were breaking the standing orders,” he said, adding that the PPP lawmakers were “in no mood” to be lectured by the Speaker.

Jagdeo, himself a former president from 1999 to 2011, said presidential respect has to be earned and not taken for granted. Granger, he said, “loves” pomp,protocol and ceremony “but doesn’t like scrutiny”. “We will treat him with respect once he complies with the our constitution and laws,” he said.

The Opposition Leader listed several decisions by the People’s National Congress Reform-dominated coalition in and out office that amount to vulgarities and disrespect for the presidency.

They include storming of the Office of the Presidency by a group of PNC supporters, disruption of his delivery of a speech from Parliament Building’s balcony, Granger’s abandoning of his own criteria for selecting a GECOM Chairman, no promised jobs for youths, spending of more than GYD$100 million on Escalade and Toyota Crown vehicles and the laying off of thousands of sugar workers of different race and political persuasions. “I can go on now and list the vulgarities in the country…one hundred times more vulgar than the PPP holding up a few placards in the Parliament,” he said.

In the face of condemnations by government ministers who called the PPP’s act hooliganism, virtually domestic terrorism and disrespect for the international community, the Opposition Leader described the parliamentarians’ act  as a “robust expression of dissatisfaction with this illegal unconstitutional act.”

  • Bharat is nothing else that a perfect dellusional and cantankerious devil who is power drunk and will soon became a mad man.The President is a man of class with a beautiful wife ,children and grand children and what does Bharat has?he is such a racist bastard who is bent on dividing our people but it will not happen since we Guyanese people are civalised and happy people.

  • StanleyBeresford

    This is Hilarious that the Man who conned a woman in believing that he was married to her, in order to present himself as a man, to the nation and the International community, now speaks of disrespect of a man who served in the highest rank of the nations military with distinction and has been married with Children for over forty years. Are we to believe that this man who a member of the international community deemed a pan handler, a man who the head of another nation refused to meet with, when he arrived unannounced in violation of diplomatic protocols, now speaks of disrespect of this President who has restored respect to this nation from the international community. Are we to believe that this man who does his annual cuss down at Baba John,, allowed a drug dealer to be immune from the laws of the nation that the US Government had to coordinate with other governments to arrest him outside of Guyana because of distrust for this man and his government, now speaks of disrespect for this President. This man who a the commander in Chief engaged in Back balling on a female soldier at a military dance. I could go on and on but this is like a skunk trying to disrespect a Prince. for being and smelling better than it.

  • Emile_Mervin

    I tell you, folks, Jagdeo ought to count his lucky stars that Granger is a slow and nice old man, because for all Jagdeo’s shenanigans in office, he is still around to behave like a big bad ‘oman! I hope Granger et al are giving him rope to hang himself, because he sure deserves strong rope.

    I mean, to hear or read Jagdeo say he has no respect for Granger, knowing Jagdeo enriched himself on the public purse, allowed his government to facilitate a drug lord-cum financier and mastermind of extra judicial killings with no closure for surviving relatives, and to facilitate the imprisonment without conviction of Benschops, Whartons and Munroes, there is no way he can be respected by sane Guyanese. How is he even free to brawl and bus out, is a mystery!

    This political blowhard should be frontallly addressed by people directly impacted by his lunatic presidency.

    • Sometimes ,you do get it right ,EM.
      However,there is a ”method to Jagdeo’s new found madness”. He is trying to provoke the administration to respond ”in kind” and thus provoke ”confrontation” and even mayhem. The dislocation on the Guysuco front and the Economy is not gathering enough momentum.
      The PPP’s ”die is already cast”……. and irrespective of their current brouhaha and attempts to sow seeds of , the majority of right -thinking Guyanese will not be inclined to return the PPP to power…..At least not with that current crooked cabal/lackeys and with jagdeo still at the helm…..Mark my words, this is a prediction!

  • Col123

    The headline should read… Who in their right mind would respect any politician?