Two arrested in connection with missing teenager

Last Updated on Wednesday, 20 September 2017, 19:18 by Denis Chabrol

Leonard Archibald

Two suspicious characters from Sister’s village, East Bank Berbice are in police custody assisting with investigations following the disappearance of a teenage boy since last Sunday.

Thirteen-year-old Leonard Archibald was last seen in the company of his two sister’s while traversing the East Bank Public road on Sunday evening.

A senior detective in the Berbice Division told the media that several persons have been questioned but two have been detained as part of ongoing investigations.

Anyone with information regarding the disappearance can contact family members on cell phone number 675-5416. The family is calling for his safe return.

According to the lad’s distraught mother, Abigail Archibald, her son spent the day partaking in Birthday activities at thier Lot 51 Brother’s village home. Later in afternoon, his sister’s were invited to a party a few blocks away and he left to follow them. She stated that when night fell, the three siblings made thier way home with the young lad riding a bicycle. It was stated that he rode some distance away and left his sisters walking behind. When they returned home, she inquired the whereabouts of her son and was told that he returned home. “When they come back and I asked them, they seh he deh home and I said no he ain’t come yet. So I send out my big son to see where he is and he come back saying he ain’t find ‘Len’. He didn’t see him no where so I get frighten right away”.

The woman, sensing something was amiss, informed the lad’s father and they formed a search in the village but came up empty handed. The following day, the matter was reported to the station. According to his mother, they received several reports from neighbours who claimed to have seen the young man wandering on the public road  Sunday evening with his bicycle in hand but his manner was strange.

Family members suspected that something ill might have happened to the teen since this is unlike his usual behaviour.  “This is the first time something like this happened to him. He never get away or nothing like that. So I know something had to happen to my son”.

The young man was last seen wearing a khaki pants with a slippers.