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Small group of prisoners refuse ‘granny’, demand steak for breakfast

The rehabilitated concrete block at the Georgetown Prison, Camp Street.

Prisoners at the Georgetown Prison Tuesday morning kicked doors and behaved disorderly to demand steak for breakfast, but the minor unrest was quelled after senior security sector officers spoke with them, Director of Prisons Gladwin Samuels said.

He said about 12 of the inmates there kicked doors, saying they wanted the special meat cut for breakfast.

“Situation under control. The escapees wanted steak for breakfast and it was not available,” he told the media. He later told Demerara Waves Online News that the 800 other prisoners consumed porridge also known by prisoners as “granny”

The Prisons Director said the minor unrest was quelled after himself an the Commander for the Guyana Police Force’s ‘A’ Division, Assistant Commissioner Marlon Chapman spoke with the inmates.

There has been unease at the Georgetown and Lusignan Prisons dating back to last July when inmates burnt the maximum security jail in the city, forcing authorities to transfer more than 1,000 inmates to the Lusignan penitentiary.

While held in a walled pasture next to the Lusignan Prison building, 13 if them escaped through a muddy hole under the foundation of the fence. Most of the prisoners have since been recaptured.

The Georgetown Prison’s concrete block has since been rehabilitated and the very bad, high-risk prisoners have since been relocated from Lusignan.

  • ExPPP_Man

    Col123 ; when all you learn to hold down a job, then you can ask for steak. Planning a life of crime does not entitled you anything other than bread and water.

    • Col123

      Alyou a give them chap the good life in prison… them boys need some good doses of Epsom salts weekly …

    • Col123

      Hey ex guy, do they serve cassava and plantains in jail in either boil and fry or in metemgee form?.. you may have worked whyI ask you..

      • ExPPP_Man

        I still wukk there bai. We does feed them good rice pap.

  • Col123

    Save us in a health care bills…kidding aside.. I believe that if the government utilize local ground provision and rice and any locally produced economical food, it would encourage farming left right and center… farm tilapia in the cane field canals for their protein..etc… in fact , get these prisoners to do some cultivation..

  • Col123

    That’s funny..!!!

  • Klip Scat

    ”Tis the cow them bin eat at lusignan that sweeten they palates