Community policeman, son in custody for wounding over counterfeit money

Last Updated on Sunday, 3 September 2017, 18:50 by Denis Chabrol

Basdeo “Vickram” Sahadeo

A Community Policing Group member and his son are now in hot water after they allegedly were involved in the stabbing a twenty five-year-old Berbice man last evening over an incident involving counterfeit money.

Basdeo “Vickram” Sahadeo, a GuySuCo Tractor mate of Back Street Edinburgh, East Bank Berbice is currently nursing stabs and lacerations about his head and body after being stabbed by the CPG officer and his son.

According the victim, at around 10:30 pm on Saturday evening, the CPG officer called “Lil Bai” told him that he was wanted by two other men in the community regarding an incident that happened over a month ago.

The month old issue involved another teen in the village, who was sent to purchase an item at the shop by the two men with the suspected counterfeit money. The men accused the victim (Vickram) of switching the real currency with the counterfeit bill after the said teen went to him to borrow his bicycle and was later caught with the fake money.

Head injuries sustained by Basdeo “Vickram” Sahadeo

Vickram stated that he went to inquire why he was needed by the men when he was approached by the suspect and his son and an argument ensued.

After a brief exchange of words, he said he was hit in the head by the CPG officer and cuffed several times before retaliating.

“He see me on the road and said that the man want me for some fake money story. So I come to the men and he come afterwards and tell me ‘look how some people could get they dead’ so I seh what is the issue cause me and he had no problem and he ain’t even involve in the story and after he done cuss me out, he tek a beer mug he had in his hand and lash me in me head and then is when I start knock he back”.

Vickram relayed that after an exchange of hands, the man’s son intervened and began stabbing him with ‘knuckle knife’ about his body. He stated that the man, who is a licensed firearm holder, threatened persons in the crowd who went to witness the incident that he would ‘take them out’ if they intervened.

“If people didn’t pull them off, they woulda kill me and he threatened to shoot nuff people in here if they tell he anything. That is the attitude he have”.

Vickram noted that the suspect was in no way involved in the issue and is baffled as to why he was targeted by him.

The injured man was treated at the New Amsterdam Public Hospital and was sent home. He received ten stitches for the injuries sustained.

Investigations are continuing.