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Suspected Trinidad con arist jailed

Daniel Ali

A widely suspected Trinidadian con artist was Tuesday jailed after he was convicted for forgery and immigration breaches.

Daniel Ali will be spending the next two years in the Georgetown Prisons after he pleaded guilty to the charges of over staying his time and forging two legal documents.

The charges allege that between January 3, 2017 and May 19, 2017 in Georgetown he conspired with persons to forge one Guyana driver’s license in the name of one Selall Madia knowing that it was false.

The second charge alleged that on March 23,2017 at the Central Immigration and Passport Office he made a false statement which is to say he signed a declaration saying he was Selall Madia knowing it was false.

The third charge stated that June 23,2014 and May 20, 2017 he failed to comply with the regulations and overstayed his time in Guyana.

Ali told Chief Magistrate McLennan he is sorry for his actions.  He was nevertheless still sentenced to two years with a fine of GYD$30,000.

He has been fingered in several scams including visa fraud, illegal property acquisition and the rental of premises purportedly for a number of businesses.

Head of Guyana’s Criminal Investigations Department, Superintendent Wendell Blanhum has said Ali would be deported to Trinidad.

  • rudeo

    so the fraud charges gone fuh channa?

    • Orin Peters

      You see how some people stay he bring he nasty habbit from tnt and will give them people bat name.HABBITS DIE HARD SO SPEND SOME TIME IN JAIL YOU PLAYING WITH THE WRONG PEOPLE THem GAT MBA IN CANNARY.

  • george wiltshire

    He will be deported after he has spent a major part of the sentence

  • cuffy

    Well the bacoo at socu wukking.

    • Orin Peters

      You belief in plenty stupidness and illusions but is the realities of life kicking in so watch out and change yuh name cuffy bin more smart.

  • SAR B

    WOW, 2 years, this is crazy, this man with all the 20+ names and numbers and all the crimes and cost of heartache to those innocent people for sealing their money acting as real estate agent, US consulter etc. Why isn’t he charge for these accounts? He should be JAIL FOR 7 TO 10 YEARS HERE IN GUYANA then be DEPORTED back to his homeland and spend another 10-20 YEARS THERE TOO
    My family got murder by a 27 yrs man on June 4, 2015, in Tain Berbice, he was jailed the said day. Running court at Whim Berbice every months (1 or 2 times a month) And the JUDGE grant him (IAN BOODHOO) FREEDOM ON MARCH 2017 THIS YEAR without any charges are time spent in prison at ALL FOR 2 LIFE. And he walk FREE today in the streets of Berbice. Just can’t believe the LAW of our country GUYANA HAVE.