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PPP on a high: Jagdeo wants to ‘free da weed’

Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo

Former President Bharrat Jagdeo, today reiterated calls for decriminalizing the possession of small amounts of marijuana (cannabis sativa) and pointed to the fact, there are many young people across the country who have been jailed, while large scale dealers walk scot free.

Jagdeo was at the time addressing his party’s press engagement.

The former president was asked to give his views on the growing call for the decriminalizing of Hemp—a cannabis plant strain—for industrial purposes, but chose instead to address the matter of marijuana.

Jagdeo told media operatives when it comes to Hemp, the Peoples Progressive Party’s (PPP) position on marijuana is that the matter is up for a conscience vote in the National Assembly

The former president recalled that decriminalizing of small amounts of marijuana something his party campaigned for in the 2015 elections.
“We said to people, we would allow a conscious vote on our members,” according to Jagdeo, who in giving his support for the decriminalizing small amounts of ‘weed’ said, “we have seen cases where somebody has a tiny bit, one marijuana cigarette and gets sentenced for 3 years.”

According to Jagdeo, this obtains while large scale traffickers equipped with high powered attorneys manage to walk scot free. “We have a lot of people with money and with good legal representation and they don’t get any time,” he said.
“I will vote in favour of decriminalizing small quantities of marijuana,” he said, but stressed the caveat, not getting off scot free, by being sentenced instead to community service or rehabilitation.
”If it fails in Parliament then that’s fine,” he said.
On the matter of Hemp production in Guyana, the former President said there isn’t currently enough information available to the PPP, to take a firm position on its use for industrial or recreational purposes.
“Once that research is available we will look into it…on the other matter we put it in our manifesto.”

Governing Alliance For Change (AFC) parliamentarian, Michael Carrington’ draft law to soften penalties for the possession of small amounts of marijuana for personal use has been pending for more than one year now.

  • Half IndianHalfBlack

    Jaggy why you and annil did not make the change. You forget how u cause you best frens to walk leisurely away, then u distant yourself from one a dem. O boy time longer than twine.

    • Col123

      It must be tough for you to claim that your great grand daddy stepped off a boat from India, like all these other bloggers from Guyana…too bad!!

  • rs dasai

    Hemp? For making rope and paper.

  • Col123

    Since when expressing empathy is contributing to a “problem”?… Do you know how many bloggers claim to have their great great grand parents stepping off ships from India?.. not that there is any thing wrong with that!

  • Col123

    Jaggie is off the rails on this. This substance should be decriminalize is correct, BUT it requires governmental control…. too many to expose here.

  • Second Coming

    The guy had 12 years to do what he is now advocating, and you think he is doing this now because he cares about young people in jail? This guy is desperate to resume licking up Guyana and will do and say anything to get back in power. Weed needs to be decriminalized because its illegality is based on what the White people say, not based on the fact that weed grows as part of nature and is not manufactured or produced in some plant or facility. Now the same White people are legalizing weed, Black nations will soon follow because Black leaders often can’t think for themselves.

    • rs dasai

      Nonsense. The Jagster will not run for the Presidency. He gave his word and I think that he is more Man than mango. And stop this nonsense that black people cannot think for themselves. Perhaps you have too much of the ‘white’ brainwash. Colour is no impediment to thought.

      • Col123

        Well… how do you explain whitewash?

        • rs dasai

          We also have , black wash and brown wash. Not to mention ‘barrell wash’. It will get you a ‘high’

  • powerplayer

    What a speech for public meeting. Here you go again BJ appealing to the silly with your shameless outburst.

    During your watch what did you do about Guyana being a transit point for Coke. Did you take down one drug Lord. Did you cease any drug properties.

    Why did you not bring the marijuana thing up during your watch. Most airports in the drug world have signs of deterrent for drug mules showing penalties Why Guyana airports have none.

    Please quit with the idle talk Please quit exciting our idiots.

  • rand

    This is what jagdeo use so he wants to make it free for one and all ,he got super rich by dealing in illegal drugs ,now that the DEA is in Guyana he is scared to death because he knows fully well that the noose is getting tighter by the seconds ,this is the person who said ” i am the president and I can do no wrong” .Judgement day is here jagdeo and you and your buddies will have to answer ,run you will but hide you cannot.

  • Ashwan Singh

    The bunch that refers to themselves as the Govt. is behind the eight ball on a lot of things in Guyana. The most important thing is they need to try harder to bring back the economy to where it was before they got their sticky, incompetent tentacles on the reigns.

    As regards the PPP defeating them in 2020 that’s a laugh. The contemplation of rigging has already started. Do you not see the rumour about the pending attack on Parliament?

    That PNC rigged their own Congress and so selected a man who knows nothing about fair Governance, to be their leader. They are well honed in the machinations of racial division and “Burnhamite policies” to allow a defeat at the polls come 2020 !

    We shall see what we shall see. Let’s hope the US, Canada and Britain do exactly what they did at the Elections in 2015 and ensure that due diligence is done for the sake of the people of Guyana. Guyanese and the Caribbean deserve nothing less.

    • Col123

      Why would your uncle Naggie support rigging?

      • Ashwan Singh

        I don’t have an uncle named Naggie or anything close to that. Make some sense for God’s sake !

        • rs dasai

          Yes, a nagging issue.

  • Ashley Singh

    What a hypocrite? He had a ll the opportunities in the world to to enact legislation during his decade as President.

  • BeFair_SeeClear

    I am sure if you check the archive of stabroek news you would see the Rastafarian group had approach the said Jagedo when he was in power to address the issue of weed. …The Guy did nothing …that meeting was a continuation from one held with Janet Jagan ….History can be unkind if the truth be told …..Jagedo has no intention to liberalize weed ….for him it’s power at all cost

  • Col123

    P… there isn’t any such thing as pure blood line… given that flight from the garden of Eden …learn some history…