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Specialty Hospital project is “dead”

Guyana has scrapped the India-funded Specialty Hospital project and will repay the amount of money that has been already spent on works at the Liliendaal, East Coast Demerara location, Finance Minister Winston Jordan announced Thursday.

“This issue is dead, dead,” he told a news briefing when asked about the status of that health institution.  Jordan explained that at the request of Guyana, India agreed to recall the US$18 million line of credit from the EXIMBank.

He said Guyana and India weeks ago signed an agreement to deal with the closure of that controversial project that had been inherited from the then People’s Progressive Party Civic-led administration. “We signed right here with the press the amended agreement so that we will only pay back what was disbursed by the India and the rest has been written off,” he said.

Jordan said since that signing, agreement has been reached with India to modernize the Suddie Regional Hospital, the West Demerara Regional Hospital and the Bartica District Hospital at a cost of US$17.5 million.

The construction of the Specialty Hospital had been mired in controversy especially after the previous government had scrapped the contract with the Indian company, Surendra Engineering, and moved to the court over failed targets to advance the works.

When the David Granger-led government took office, moves had been made by another Indian company, Fedders- Lloyd, to take over the project. However, that company has since been blacklisted from India-funded projects following a similar penalty by the World Bank for alleged procurement violations.

The then PPPC-led administration had touted the Specialty Hospital as one that would have attracted patients from Europe, North America and elsewhere for advanced surgeries and other medical procedures at costs comparatively much lower than in their home countries.

  • Col123

    It is becoming clear that we have no plans to move this country forward . Tourism medicine is an economic attraction for wealthy foreigners. It will add bonus effects of filling hotels and adding med- surg experts, to supplement local care and improved medical education. While there are numerous advantages of a state of the art medical facility in Guyana, I will just add that it will facilitate and encourage local entrepreneurs to build on current tourism efforts. We will never know if politics are defining the government’s position on this venture, but it is safe to say that it is an opportunity lost.

    • ExPPP_Man

      You bad talking you uncles ? What happen the soup stop dripping ?
      Stop by anytime at your place of abode Camp Street, rice pap plenty.

      • Col123

        Bhai… a wah me gon seh… we gon get land for reparations, free house and oil money soon wine down…

  • rudeo

    The cultures of govts in the Caribbean is to turn off all previous govt projects…..cannot let them get plaudits for anything…..throw away the baby and the bath water….and that will not change

    • Col123

      True: Lara stadium vs a children’s hospital in Trinidad….but then again, most Trinis are stupid!