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Documents show Nandlall lied about man questioned about Crum-Ewing’s murder—Attorney General

by Gary Eleazar

Documents residing in the Ministry of Legal Affairs purportedly show that former Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs, Anil Nandlall, might have been withholding facts when he distanced himself from Rajput Narine—his one-time bodyguard who was arrested, questioned about the 2015 execution of political activist, Courtney Crum-Ewing.

This was disclosed by Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs, Basil Williams, who told the media over the weekend, that Rajput Narine—a person of interest by the Guyana Police Force at the time– had sought refuge in the Ministry for much longer than had previously been let on by Nandlall.

He was speaking to reporters on the sidelines of an outreach in Berbice on Sunday (March 26, 2017).
According to the government’s chief legal advisor in pointing to the murder investigation of Crum-Ewing, “there was a man, Rajput Narine who immediately after this murder, was taken in by Nandlall…everyone knows is for protection from the police who might be investigating the matter.”

Williams said now that he is at the Ministry of Legal Affairs, he is in possession of the documentation to prove that Persaud was Nandlall being dishonest when he spoke to Narine’s relationship to the Ministry.

According to the Minister of Legal Affairs, “he (Nandlall) said, Rajput Narine only worked with him for four days but I went in as Attorney General and the record show that Rajput Narine was paid there, was being paid for a much longer period than four days.”

Narine was detained by the Police following Crum-Ewing execution in Diamond, East Bank Demerara (EBD) but was released.

Nandlall has denied involvement in the assassination Crum-Ewing, and said Rajput—his ex-bodyguard—was hired several days after the incident.

The Attorney General disclosed further that his predecessor Nandlall will be ‘locked up’ for the alleged theft of law books from the State—a claim Williams has repeated in recent months for which Nandlall has since threatened to sue.

According to the Attorney General, “Nandlall stole Government money to do fertilizer to um,…to do fertility tests for himself, he then stole our law-books and he will get lock up for the law-books.”

He charged further, “if anybody else claims that they give him permission to steal government property they will get lock up also.”

Nandlall over the weekend met with media operatives and claimed ownership of the books referred to by Williams.
According to Nandlall, then President Donald Ramotar had approved as part of his contract as Attorney General, the payment for his subscription for the Commonwealth Law Reports to be done by Government.

The substantive Attorney General contends however, “there is nobody that could get criminal immunity from criminal acts in this country.”

  • Col123

    Show the document and stop the cock fight…. the middle inch needs to be functional if we are to have a good fight!…

  • Naamie

    Most disgustingly unprofessional AG. I’m no fan of Nandalls’s following his drunken phone call but Basil takes the cake with these unsubstantiated allegations. The status of AG has really fallen in the gutter.

    • Charles Selman

      Williams is a misfit. A little boy trying very hard to be a big man. Somewhat like Trump, No?

  • rudeo

    basil de willie is a SC!

    • Estell


      Aiming Your Cannon

      An officer on the battlefield aimed his cannon toward what he thought was the distant enemy. Just before he fired, the commander, looking through his field glasses, shouted, “Your aim seems perfect, but stop! They are not the enemy; they are our own people.” Did you ever think that when you aim criticism at God’s people so thoughtlessly, you are actually aiming your cannon at the Lord of your brethren?

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    Speaking of conscience, E. L. Allen said, “Honestly, what use do we make
    of our God-given reason? I know what use I make of it. I use it chiefly to
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    personal ambition. A man may have his conscience so well disciplined and
    trained that, instead of blazing a trail before him, it is like a pet dog which
    just trots obediently at his heels and never so much as barks! ‘If therefore
    the light that is in thee be darkness, how great is that darkness!’ “

  • Estell

    Wrongful Criticism

    Ruskin says: “In Art the envious and incompetent have usually been the leaders of attack, content if like the foulness of the earth they may attract to themselves notice by their noisomeness; or, like its insects, exalt themselves by virulence into visibility.”

  • Estell

    Good Critics

    “To be a good critic a man must have all the essential elements of a good author; and yet, while we have but few good authors, even the solitary places and the wastes teem with critics.”

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    Before You Criticize When you are disposed to criticize someone, Just remember, the beginning’s not the end; When within this urge you find,
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  • RLSG

    Lock him up and stop running your mouth about ‘he will get lock up for the law books’ it sounds juvenile and petty. Much better will be ‘we will investigate the theft of law books by Mr. Nandllal and let judgement take its course … these guys sound like amateurs when they put out these silly childish statements. They need a Press Secretary badly.

  • Philosophy Blah Blah

    What is this Philosophy 101 or ‘ The Poetics ‘ ???? If only that sort of diction would cause the PNC colation to win the 2020 elections.

  • Estell

    Sinful Self
    Any man who is good for anything, if he is always
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    –Phillips Brooks