Rupununi farmer, wife get $200,000 bail each for 3 kilos marijuana possession

Last Updated on Tuesday, 31 January 2017, 12:15 by Derwayne Wills

Louis Cupertin, 29-years-old, and his 18-year-old wife, Felicia Mandrikin, were today granted $200,000 bail each by Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan when they answered to a charge of illegal possession of 3 kilogrammes marijuana in a salt bag.
The couple, from Mocha Mocha village in the Rupununi, were arrested by police who found the narcotics Friday when officers went to their home in search of Cupertin’s brother, Roland.
They both pleaded not guilty to the charge today.
The couple’s lawyer, Jerome Khan, was able to secure bail. Khan told the court the accused live on the premises with a number of other persons.
He questioned how the officers could have arrested the two since their main suspect is still unaccounted for.
Khan told the court Cupertin’s brother visited the home to leave a bag, saying he would return in a couple of days. Cupertin did not however check to see what was inside.
Khan called it strange that the Director of Public Prosecutions would put a charge against the wife, who was just a bystander in the matter.
The two will return to court on March 7.