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Gov’t to boost 12 police stations tackling domestic violence

by Derwayne Wills
The security sector will receive a budget of $29.1B with some of that money going to upgrade 12 police stations across the country in their capacity to deal with domestic violence cases.
This announcement made by Finance Minister Winston Jordan during his budget presentation falls within the 16 days of global activism to end violence against women and girls.
A study will also be conducted in 2017 on violence against women along with another study on crime and violence in indigenous communities, Minister Jordan noted during his presentation.
This announcement also follows a recent statement by Help & Shelter, a rights group work with victims of domestic and intimate partner violence, which challenged the current administration for its inability to implement recommendations made within its manifesto before coming to office.
“It seems that the failure of government to deliver a national response to the problem of domestic violence, lumping it within the category of interpersonal violence and failing to deliver a coherent and informed national gender policy, bodes no good for the advancement of women and girls and gender equality in Guyana,” the organisation said in a November 27 letter to Stabroek News.
The group called for the enactment of the Sexual Offences Task Force provided under the 2010 Sexual Offences Act.
“This failure occurs in the face of sexual offences continuing unabated in homes, communities, schools and workplaces, and affecting girls and women disproportionally more than any other category of persons. As with domestic violence, there has been no coherent plan, policy or programme by the APNU+AFC government to address these heinous crimes,” the letter read.
Government recently set up a Sexual and Domestic Violence Unit under the Social Protection Ministry.
Finance Minister Winston Jordan noted in his presentation that the Social Protection Ministry’s also recently established Gender Affairs Bureau “will undertake training and sensitisation sessions with 100 community policing groups in order to improve responses to gender-based social issues. Relatedly, work has begun to develop a strategic plan for women’s development.”
Consultations on the National Gender Policy have already begun. The government anticipates the policy and an action plan will be completed by September 2017.
  • Col123

    Can’t figure out where they are getting all these names and bureaucracy from but this is more than a criminal crisis…. this overlay of a health care alteration requires compulsory reporting from all areas within the social and health care structure …all teachers, nurses , and allied professional workers should have appropriate education…to recognize and report any evidence of intimate partner or domestic abuse…Engagement with the police by victims are unusual. The reliable sources for reporting of victims are from those in the health care delivery system …and the government should consider a strong and capable reporting structure which can then be followed up by a team of trained social workers, for intervention…The reporting and follow up mechanism should be streamlined so that no victim falls through…

  • powerplayer

    Domestic violence is a serious issue all over the developed world. In Guyana economic inability to cope with basic need compounds the issue.

    How does one take care of a family of two on $10000 a week. Do the math.The average solution is social prostitution and corruption. Fun when its hidden Chaos when it comes out in the open.

    Design modern police stations with advance technology raise your entrance level. train more pay more. Tear down the police facilities one a a time and build them right with qualified builders.

    There is need for more in the budget to address basic human needs. Lets look at the police in Georgetown. When you have your rank and file living and working under inhumane conditions its asinine to expect better of them.

    Mr Minister I would like you to stop in at Brickdam Police station or TSU and use the Urinal. Not the toilet as that would be cruel and unusual punishment. Now go to the barrack room and see where the ranks sleep and bathe. Imagine yourself doing that for one day. Ask for a cup of tea or a glass of water. I dare you to dink same.

    Go to the Admin section next to the Commanders office use the toilet. There is a bucket with water no toilet seat no paper no need for soap as there is no water running I do not need to go on

    Gentlemen what behavior do you expect from a human being when you subject them to such cruel and unusual life style. when one works like this 10 hours a day what do they do when they get home how do they turn off that switch in the brain that says dog you are no longer in the Kennel.

    My people have few incentives or role models to pattern their life after. They see TV movies and other rich folk. They know they have no way of living a productive life so they live and survive for the moment doing whatever it takes

    Mr Minister please address the disenfranchised Please address daily wages we are off a few hundred percent. We are asking the hungry not to steal and feed themselves and family But we are not making it easy for them to earn a dollar.

    Mr Minister address the Infrastructure of his country take us into the 21st Century with the best of the best. Teach the young to understand and appreciate thru technology. Pay them decent wages for their work.

    Lets quit window dressing our issues They are real and serious.