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Police, army to deal with “potential security threat,” increased crimes

The Guyana government says it has “received credible information related to a potential domestic security threat” resulting in the need for a joint police and army operation on Saturday.

“That coupled with increased criminal activity has resulted in the decision by the Administration to institute security measures in targeted areas, starting tomorrow (Saturday).

The announcement of the joint services operation comes amid a growing outcry about a spate of armed robberies mainly on businesses. Although police are using statistics to prove its position that there has been a 17 to 21 percent decrease in serious crimes, there are daily armed robberies.

These operations will be conducted by the Guyana Police Force and the Guyana Defence Force (GDF).

Government says citizens can expect to see helicopters providing aerial coverage and an increased number of police officers, along with members of the GDF on the ground in certain areas.  Citizens are asked not be alarmed but to cooperate with security forces where necessary.

“The safety of all residents and visitors to Guyana remains a top priority for the administration,” the Ministry of the Presidency said in a statement.


  • Emile_Mervin

    How long ago I have proposed these joint security patrols to deal with crime, only to see Granger, the last army chief of staff and police commissioner in a photo-op meeting talking about the patrols, which never materialized.

    Now that Rohee’s home was ‘invaded’ in an obvious insider set up, the government is trying to make it look like there is a sinister plot afoot, hence the need for joint patrols.

    When will Granger start leading and stop following; start being proactive and stop bring reactive?

    • Col123

      “in an obvious insider set up ” EM? fell for that also….If that is the level of disposition on this event, it speaks volumes of our govt and the security forces. Any government, under the circumstances, with any common sense, will have these dudes under the microscope…you yourself stated that in a comment regarding the reduction of the drug economy…that the govt had their eyes and whatever else on these folks…how quickly we forgot the death of Specialist Pyle and his wife????

      • PNC con dem

        How quickly we forgetting the people..bandit kills and dont know what to do
        ..but take away license from gun owner …before dem hurt the bandit …lol

  • Col123

    Potential SECURITY THREAT ??? Definition?? Well…well..the freedom fighting brothas are back from vacation in time to celebrate a Guyanese Christmas..we lost 432 already and counting….and who really knows how many more will eat dust, without any protest from their families and authors!
    Since them opposition goat men are invading and robbing themselves to make the government look real bad, (them Chinese and the Audit Guruman also robbed themselves with inside jobs)… despite the crime rates are down…the government will now operate on all those miscreants free dumb bottom house folks to make sure that they don’t rob themselves…intelligent sources from the military spoke off camera, saying that most of the activities will be conducted adjacent to those Chinese stores, but closer to the Chinese restaurants given the sad experience of having rice and pepper for mess during the them Indos duck for cover …and our other brothers gawking at the entire operation…I hope that them boys don’t mess up their clean uniforms….Now, for those who were fretting about the govt not having a plan to beat up them bad folks…just sit back and watch the action…

    • PNC con dem

      Almost 2 years …dem fools in Powers..and yall still blaming ppp lol ..

      • Col123

        Them Indos with the money will be calling the agenda very soon…

  • Col123

    The government is not in crisis…it is in good hands… just want to see you Indos fart a little…to burst your bubble

  • Col123

    Jattie is the man..he just giving them bandits a little edge…like chure…you are too young to know that game….. he will catch up with them sooner or later… make that later..

  • Col123

    Threats are for cowards!..Indos and Afros=same thing.. strip the skin off and we are all look the same… except for that gender variance…and academicians are still writing some plausible comments about gender….

  • Col123

    Easy…to suck on the taxpayers teats…it is a contemporary welfare system for able bodied men and women….It actually is a good study on the ability of its fighting power in both offensive and defensive operations, give the age of the grunts…if the age of half its forces are over twenty one years, it will make an interesting study!