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Govt frowns on publicised spat between Police Commissioner, Assistant Commissioner

Police Commissioner, David Ramnarine

Police Commissioner, David Ramnarine

Minister of State, Joseph Harmon on Thursday registered government’s dismay at the publicising of a spat between Police Commissioner, Seelall Persaud and Assistant Commissioner of Police (Administration), David Ramnarine over the latter’s promotion of several ranks while the top cop was on leave.

“It is important that these matters that occur in the public space, in the media, that they be dealt with in another way.” The Government Information Agency (GINA) also quoted Harmon as saying that “the issues that came into the public space, are issues that could have been dealt with internally…this question or writing letters here and there.”

Persaud has since recalled those promotions, arguing that Ramnarine was not legally empowered to promote anyone because the substantive Police Commissioner was still the office holder although on vacation. Persaud has said that Ramnarine never received the instrument of appointment as Police Commissioner.The

Minister of State said the differences would be addressed by the Minister of Public Security, Khemraj Ramjattan, according to Minister of State, Joseph Harmon.

FLASH BACK: President David Granger and Police Commissioner Seelall Persaud

FLASH BACK: President David Granger and Police Commissioner Seelall Persaud

He told a post-cabinet news briefing that in large organisations, there would always be some level of conflict. However, he explained that due to the importance of the Guyana Police Force to the national security structure,

At that high level, the Minister noted that if a subordinate has done something which requires a reprimand, or some amount of proper assigning, those things can be done internally. “In fact, the President said he prefers that you have public praise and private reprimand, so that if something like that is done, the person is brought in and you say, man what is it you’ve done here? Let us correct it.”

Ramnarine was appointed to act as Police Commissioner for a 100-day period whilst his superior was on annual leave. The acting Commissioner then, with advice and the support of the force’s top management, promoted several ranks for their outstanding services and actions during this period. Upon his return, Commissioner Seelall instructed that all of the promotions approved by Ramnarine be rescinded.

  • rs dasai

    CoP Seelall is right. So?

    • Emile_Mervin

      If Seelall is right then Minister Ramjattan also erred along with Ramnarine, because Ramnarine cannot promote anyone without Ramjattan’s knowledge or approval.

      That being said, it does not make sense that Ramnarine was sworn in to perform the duties of top CoP but did not receive the instrument of appointment as Police Commissioner.

      Isn’t the instrument to appoint inherent in the job as Police Commissioner? Or is it exclusive to the Police Commissioner based on who is fulfilling the duties? Isn’t the instrument to appoint on promotion to a substantive position merely a recommendation to the Police Service Commission and not necessarily a unilateral act by a top CoP, whether substantive or acting?

      I shudder to think the President leaves for a prolonged period time but the acting President is limited in his powers to execute the duties.

      And it is good that these differences see daylight so they can inspire transparency and build public confidence that systems can be fixed if broken. This nonsensical idea from Joe Harmon that the issue should not gave be publicized exposes the penchant by even the newbie politicians to engage in secrecy. No wonder we still don’t know about the US$5m inGT&T shares. Too much secrecy on public affairs.

      • eddie

        you have to give Lil Joe some credit here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the other side cant holler of ethic cleansing LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

  • Col123

    Hammond is a stupid brotha…let them Indos fight among themselves…that is one way of eliminating them…we already have Jhattee and Naggee on our side…. with their name on some kind peace head just waiting…..their brudda man, the fruit doctor in Whim….the oh laad me gaaad man already found his way out….

  • Gtloyal

    Somehow, something leads me to think that the Guyanese public have more trust or confidence in Ramnarine.
    And, was Ramjattan also on leave?
    Why must these decisions depend on individuals and not on systems in place, on procedures and routines created to carry out these specific tasks?

    • Col123

      The only SOP book available is on how to help your self with taxpayers money…the revised edition.You are correct about the trust thingy on Ramnarine…his rating among Guyanese is up because of his spat with the guy who robbed himself in Eccles…and that is the level of hatred and ignorance in Guyana…

  • Gtloyal

    Why should he answer you of all persons? Who do you think you are?
    You cannot see them as leaders? That’s not surprising. You didn’t see jaggy and company with their hand in the cookie jar either.