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Police Force, Police Service Commission at odds over bypass of senior officers for promotion

Senior Superintendent, Edmond Cooper.

Senior Superintendent, Edmond Cooper.

The Guyana Police Force and the Police Service Commission (PSC) are at odds over the appointment of a Senior Superintendent ahead of several others who have been appointed Superintendent in 2015, Police Commissioner David Ramnarine said Monday.

“There are some unhealthy developments. The most you can do is write about it. We don’t have the power or the authority to make those appointments to Gazetted ranks. All we are saying is that when you make appointments and promote people in those circumstances you cause a certain unhealthy effect amongst their colleagues and others in the force,” the acting Police Commissioner said.

He reasoned that reasonable persons would not make appointments in such circumstances.

Ramnarine said he has written to the PSC about the promotion of Edmond Cooper from Superintendent to Senior Superintendent, apparently without any consultation. “I received a rude reply and to my credit I responded in like kind. I reciprocated the favour,” he said.

Ramnarine added that Cooper’s lone promotion superseded six other Superintendents, four of whose promotions had been superseded twice. He explained that the six Superintendents were promoted in 2012, Cooper was promoted in 2015 to Superintendent and Senior Superintendent in 2016. “They who were promoted in 2012 to Superintendents are still Superintendents. Now, is that a small matter for any administration so that lies as is.  The Acting Police Commissioner said Cooper returned to the job after two years of study-leave and further promoted.

“He returns and no one in the force- at least the leadership of the force…I was not asked anything, I was not told anything and I opened an envelope and there was this letter from the Service Commission indicating that Superintendent has been promoted to Senior Superintendent,” he said.

The Guyana Police Force usually makes recommendations to the PSC for officers to be promoted from the rank of Inspector to Assistant Commissioner. The President of Guyana is constitutionally responsible for the appointment of Deputy Commissioner and Commissioner.

  • Emile_Mervin

    The Service Commissions continue to be heavily politicized. The battle has now moved from the campaign trail for political power to the campaign to rid the system of PPP holdovers who are determined to thwart the stumbling, bumbling and fumbling Coalition. I see these ominous developments as indicators of a PPP that will be banished to the political wilderness for a long time. For some strange reason, I also foresee Jagdeo fleeing Guyana

    • rs dasai

      It seems that you have a fetish for Dr, Jagdeo’s name and you seek & eke out chances to mention him. Yes, Dr, Jagdeo’s name makes for news. And please refrain from calling the Gvt of Gy those nasty ‘ing’ names.

      • Emile_Mervin

        1) Jagdeo is reason for the current political dilemma. He had an opportunity to heal and unite Guyana behin the equivalent of Singapore, but he blew it on personal aggrandizement.
        2) The Coalition came in on a platform of change, but…

        You can play it safe trying not to offend Jagdeo or the Coalition, but I will have to continuously disappoint you, because I don’t rely on you to frame my thinking on the issues and personalities in them. GUYANA BELONGS TO GUYANESE! PARTICIPATE OR EVAPORATE!

  • rudeo

    my my….seeing a lot bro….ominous or healthy?

  • Col123

    We are now awaiting patiently for your fate…..Mr Ramnarine!..patience!!