Guyanese killed in gas truck explosion in Trinidad

Last Updated on Saturday, 29 October 2016, 23:47 by Denis Chabrol

TRINIDAD NEWSDAY.- EDASCO Ltd officials moved the truck and washed away the blood of their dead employee before police arrived on the scene after one of its company’s gas transporting trucks exploded on its Longdenville Road premises.

According to police, EDASCO officials told them that the worker, identified only by the name Danny, was welding on one of the company’s trucks at about 10am yesterday. While walking behind the truck after completing his task, the back of the truck “exploded”, throwing Danny into the air and knocking him unconscious. Danny was then taken to the hospital.

However, police arrived on the scene about 3.15pm, but not to investigate an explosion.

According to one of the investigating officers, they were not called by the company, but by the hospital reporting Danny’s death as the result of a “chopping”.

Company officials said they attempted calling the police since the incident occurred but to no avail.

Police said that EDASCO officials washed away Danny’s blood and moved the truck that “exploded” to another yard owned by the same company further down the Longdenville main road.

EDASCO officials asked Newsday to leave the company’s compound when attempts were made to speak with the owner.

Shocked workers on the scene, who said they were not there when the incident occurred, said Danny was a Guyanese national.

Longdenville police are investigating.