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Number and location of parking meters decided

Kamau Cush (green T-shirt) and workers who were marking parking spaces on Main Street.

Kamau Cush (green T-shirt) and workers who were marking parking spaces on Main Street.

Preparations are underway to place an estimated 400 parking meters on streets in the central business district of Guyana’s capital, Georgetown, Director of Smart City Solutions, Kamau Cush.

“Everything has been signed and the project is a ‘go’ so we’re essentially preparing for it,” he told Demerara Waves Online News on Main Street, Georgetown while workers were busy painting the areas for vehicles.

Cush did not want to say exactly when the parking meters would be installed, instead opting to say “within a few weeks.”

He reiterated that the rate would be GYD$50 for 15 minutes for Regent, Main, Water and other streets in the central business district.

“It will transform this country, it will modernize out city and it will generate tremendous amounts of revenues for the City of Georgetown to deliver the services that our elected representatives have been elected to deliver to the citizens of Georgetown,” he said.

Cush said initially City Hall would get 20 percent while Smart City Solutions would get 80 percent, as part of an agreement for the company’s US$10 million investment.

City Hall has repeatedly made out a case for the installation of parking meters as a major revenue generator to help keep clean the city of garbage, clogged drains and thickly vegetated overgrowth.

  • Ashwan Singh

    More money to try to fill the coffers to stay afloat by the PNC and their enablers, the AFC. However it will all be squandered away to the welfare recipients, the supporters of the aforementioned group, and the unfairness will continue. The hard workers and builders will continue to be thus, and the laisse-faire lifers will be there always, as in North America. You think I am lying, check who live in the “projects” in North America !