Kaieteur News grenade attack: Publisher says he has no problems with anyone

Last Updated on Wednesday, 19 October 2016, 10:19 by Denis Chabrol

The grenade located near the front rear wheel of Glen Lall's vehicle.

The grenade located near the front rear wheel of Glen Lall’s vehicle.

Kaieteur News Publisher Glenn Lall testified Tuesday as the Preliminary Inquiry into the grenade threat to his establishment continued.

During his examination, Lall was asked by Police Prosecutor Neville Jeffers if as a publisher he has any grievances with persons or if he knows of any persons having problems with him.

To this, the Publisher responded that he has no problem with anyone and, “if people have problems with me, well I can’t answer that.” Under Jeffers’ guidance, Lall recalled what happened on the night the grenade was found next to his vehicle. He said at around 10pm on June 4, 2016 he was sitting in an empty lot, under a tent, with friends playing dominoes. The empty lot is adjacent to the Kaieteur News (KN) building on Saffron St. According to Lall, they were holding a wake for one of the KN staff members who had passed away. While there, he recounted that one of his security guards (Omar Bynoe) approached him and informed that a grenade was there.

When asked by the prosecutor what his reaction was at seeing the explosive next to his vehicle, Lall said, “to be honest I smiled. I could not believe at the moment it was a real instrument, so I asked the security to verify.”

During cross examination by legal representative of the number one accused (Alfie Garraway), Lall was asked whether he believed the free press has a role to play in democracy and if the type of attack in question is capable of inhibiting the freedom of the press. To the first, the witness answered “maybe, maybe not” and to the second, “not necessarily.”

The attorney also asked Lall if he has any knowledge of the accused having any hostility towards KN, to which he responded in the negative. The same question was asked by the legal representative of the number three accused (Leroy Williams), and Lall again answered that he is unaware of there being any hostility harboured by the defendant towards his establishment. This attorney also asked the publisher if he has any reason to believe that Williams has the ability or would do anything to harm him. Lall replied, “I can’t answer that.” The number two accused (Janiel Howard), who was unrepresented, declined to cross examine the witness.

Acting Police Detective Sargent, Corporal Derwin Eastman, also took to the stand to testify in the matter. He recounted the events surrounding his pursuit and arrest of Garraway, during which time the accused had denied knowledge of the grenade throwing incident.

Eastman was not cross examined, and the matter is to be called again today (Wednesday) at 1:30pm.