Alleged GYD$10 million fraudulent land sale in court

Last Updated on Tuesday, 11 October 2016, 17:09 by Denis Chabrol

by Abigail Semple

A 41-year-old man was on Tuesday handed down a bail order in the sum of GYD$1.5 million  after allegedly committing a GYD$10 million fraud.

The charge against Rajesh Tahadeo is that on September 7, 2015, at Georgetown, he conspired with another person to commit a felony; that is to say, obtaining money by false pretense. Tahadeo had allegedly falsely obtained the GYD$10 million , by virtue of a Republic Bank cheque #322007167, from Lloyd Singh by falsely pretending he knew Shane-Ann Boston as Venice La Rose, claiming said woman owned a plot of land at Block H1 Peter’s Hall E.B.D.

In his client’s defense, Attorney Glenn Hanoman said Tahadeo was placed on bail in his own recognizance and has been in frequent attendance at the police station and has given his statement. Hanoman continued that his client is surprised to have been called into court and charged. He also stated that persons in need of money to borrow would often accompany the defendant to Singh who would lend them. He argued that his client was not aware that the woman was a con woman. He therefore asked for bail to be set in a reasonable sum.

In stating the facts, Police Prosecutor Vishnu Hunt stated that the defendant and the Virtual Complainant (VC) are known to each other. The court heard that on the day in question the defendant brought a woman to Singh , claiming she had a plot of land to sell. Singh paid the GYD$10 million and bought the land. He later, discovered that the plot of land was not for sale, and the Identification Card that had been presented to him by the woman had been forged.

After hearing from all sides, Magistrate Judy Latchman granted the defendant bail in the sum of GYD$1.5 million to which the defense attorney objected. According to Hanoman, the amount granted would be tantamount to bail being refused his client. He explained that Tahadeo is currently in an embarrassing financial situation, and appealed for the sum to be reduced.

However, the magistrate maintained the GYD$1.5 million bail sum and the matter has been transferred to Court One for November 1, 2016.