Gold miner jailed for 3 kilo ganja haul

Last Updated on Friday, 7 October 2016, 6:39 by Denis Chabrol

A miner on Thursday received a four year prison sentence along with an over GYD$5M fine for ganja possession.

It was alleged that on June 22, 2016, at Norton St. Georgetown, Otis Halley had in his possession 3.832 kgs of cannabis for the purpose of trafficking. The charge was first read to the 47-year-old on June 24, 2016 and he was not required to plead because it was indictable.

Chief Magistrate Ann Mc Lennan, before whom the matter was being tried, said she was satisfied with the prosecution’s evidence against the accused and thus found him guilty of the offense.

The actual value of the narcotics was found to be GYD$1,963,000, so Harry was ordered to pay a fine of GYD$5,572,000 and face his prison time.