Prominent Guyanese business executive honoured by Rotary International, Rotary Club of Guyana

Last Updated on Wednesday, 29 June 2016, 22:37 by Denis Chabrol

IMG-20160629-WA000The Rotary Club of Demerara, a well-established service organisation known for promoting service above self in Guyana, presented veteran Guyanese Business Executive Ramesh Dookhoo with the prestigious Paul Harris Fellow Award at its annual ‘Handing-Over’ Dinner  on Tuesday, June 28, 2016 at the Pegasus Hotel.

The Paul Harris Fellow Award is the highest recognition of the Rotary Foundation of  Rotary International.  It is reserved for individuals who contribute, or who have contributions made in their name to The Rotary Foundation of US$1000.  Ramesh Dookhoo joins a very prestigious group of Guyanese named as Paul Harris Fellows including, Sir Shridath Ramphal, Dr. Yesu Persaud, Clifford Reis , Mrs. Cecilia Validum and Dave Martins. Martins was awarded for his work with Rotary in Grand Cayman over the years.

According to the Rotary Club of Demerara, the award is presented by Rotary Clubs throughout the world in special appreciation and recognition for the ways in which the awardees exemplify the humanitarian and educational objectives of the Rotary International.

The organization noted that Mr. Dookhoo stands as a beacon of outstanding service to the Guyanese Business Community and to the humanitarian causes supported by the Rotary Club.  Mr. Dookhoo’s longstanding service to the business community includes his tenure as Vice President and President of the Guyana Manufacturers and Services Association, Governor and founder member of the Institute of Internal Auditors Guyana Chapter. He has served in excess 30 years as an executive of Banks DIH Limited. Mr. Dookhoo also served as the Chairman of the Private Sector Commission of Guyana.

Mr. Dookhoo is a sitting President of the Caribbean Association of Industry and Commerce. He is a sitting Trustee on the CCJ Trust Fund Board and currently Chairs a steering committee for the formation of the Caribbean Business Council. He currently serves the Private Sector Commission as its Honorary Secretary and Head of Trade and Investment.

Mr. Dookhoo has given yeoman Service to Guyana over many years on the Boards of GWI,CJIAC and the CCAC as the Chairman of these Institutions’ Boards.

His service to Guyana’s Business community is aided by his one-of-a-kind business acumen and impressive qualifications and specializations in Business and Finance.  Mr. Dookhoo is a graduate of the University of the West Indies with a Masters In Business Administration . He was certified in Standardization Management from the Swedish Institute of Standards.

Most importantly, Mr. Dookhoo is among the small and esteemed group of Guyanese to attain the qualification of Certified Risk Management and Assurance Professional by the Institute of Internal Auditors.  Hence, he is one of the few Guyanese qualified to pronounce or offer advice on strategic matters related to specialized audits.

According to the Rotary Club of Demerara, Mr. Dookhoo’s outstanding qualifications have aided him well in providing exceptional service to the Guyanese Business Community as well as the causes and charities that are close to his heart.  Hence, the organization is proud to bestow the International award to Mr. Dookhoo who has been described by his colleagues as an innovative and visionary leader.

Receiving his award, Mr. Dookhoo stated that he was humbled by the acknowledgement of his service.  ‘Everything I have attained, I have put towards my service to Guyana,’ stated Mr. Dookhoo, ‘I am extremely proud to be a recipient of the Paul Harris Fellow Award and very humbled that I share this honour with great Guyanese such as Sir Shridath Ramphal.  These are people that have inspired me all my life and to share the same award with them is truly an amazing moment that I shall not forget very soon.  I wish to acknowledge my family, close friends and business partners and Chairman Reis of Banks DIH and former Finance Director Azam A. Khan who helped to shape my life as a professional and who have supported my incredible journey. I only wish that this moment inspires young Guyanese to not pursue fortune and notoriety, but to truly give their energy and skills towards service to Guyana in whatever capacity they may serve.  As a young man, my intention was not to chase after prestigious awards such as this, my only goal was to serve this country at every opportunity.  I only hope that my moment tonight serves as a beacon to young Guyanese to pursue service to their country above all else’.