PSC writes President over crime situation

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The Private Sector Commission and other members of the business community have written to President David Granger over the current crime situation expressing concerns about the impact on Guyana’s Jubilee celebrations.

In the letter to the President, the business community said it is deeply disturbed about the current situation with respect to crime in Guyana, given that Government hopes to attract the diaspora and other visitors to join in the celebrations.  This situation is also steadily eroding investor confidence.

“The Private Sector Commission has met twice with the Honourable Minister of Public Security and with the Commissioner of Police to no avail. We firmly believe that the citizens of this country can no longer live in fear of their lives and a more aggressive strategy is needed to curb the high profile crimes which are headlined daily,” the release stated.

In the letter, the PSC said while it cognizant of the fact that the current crime situation is not a recent phenomenon it also recognise that the ability of the Police Force to solve crimes has improved.

“”We are, however, of the view that we are in dire need of an approach which is focused on the prevention of crime and that this approach must be communicated widely.  We are therefore seeking an urgent audience with you,” the letter stated.

On Tuesday, the Police in a release confirmed that it has recorded a 19% decrease in serious crimes at the end of April this year relative to the same period last year.

In the release, Police say there was a 9% reduction in reports of murder; a 9% decrease in gun-related robberies; an 8% decrease in armed robberies where other instruments were used by the perpetrators; a 38% decrease in robberies with violence; a 38% decrease in robberies with aggravation; an 18% decrease in rape; and a 22% decrease in break and enter and larceny.