Scott an “abysmal failure”: Broomes conflict of interest “clear & unequivocal” – Rohee

Last Updated on Monday, 11 January 2016, 11:50 by Writer

The General Secretary of the People's Progressive Party (PPP) Clement Rohee has described the tenure of Keith Scott as an "abysmal failure" while flogging President David Granger's decision to move Simona Broomes from the Social Protection Ministry.

Rohee at a PPP press conference on Monday said that while Scott served as the Junior Communities Minister with responsibility for the housing sector, he "killed" housing development.

"The reshuffle is tantamount to a brief performance of musical chairs," said the Leader of the Opposition Party later adding "Scott is an abysmal failure at a once dynamic and progressive Ministry…the sector is now on its death bed."

Turning his attention to the placement of Broomes at the new Ministry of Natural Resources, Rohee stated that Broomes was placed to keep a watchful eye on Senior Natural Resources Minster Raphael Trotman.

He regarded the situation as putting a "cat to watch milk."

"She has been shifted to a sector where a conflict of interest has arisen," said the PPP General Secretary.

He was referring to a situation whereby the Minister has a vested interested in a mining claim that she leased to Troy Resources and still receives payment for that lease.

"How can Broomes be responsible for overseeing the mining resources in Guyana when she has a contractual agreement with Pharsalus Gold Incorporated?" questioned Rohee adding that there is a "clear and unequivocal conflict of interest."

Rohee opined that the last shuffle of Ministers is not the last to come as there will be more Ministerial changes soon.

"There are more changes to come…the handwriting is on the wall," he stated.