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No reason to send GPL’s CEO on leave pending outcome of probe- Patterson

GPL's Chief Executive Officer, Colin Welch.

GPL’s Chief Executive Officer, Colin Welch.

Public Infrastructure Minister, David Patterson Thursday said he saw no reason to send the Chief Executive Officer of the Guyana Power and Light (GPL), Colin Welch on leave while a probe into alleged irregularities for the procurement of pre-paid meters was ongoing.

“I have not found it necessary to move him until that investigation is completed and if you are trying to say that he is impeding the investigation, that is not happening,” he said in response to a question by Demerara Waves Online News.

Patterson assured that Welch’s current status “doesn’t’ impede the investigation” and said the removal of someone from duty depends on the nature of a probe.

Patterson said he would not be opposed to the report on the matter being released to the public after the yet to be appointed board considers it. “My personal preference for everything is always open and transparent. I will give it to them and as long as they have time to review it I will ask them to release not only this but any other matter,” he said.

He said the internal investigators drawn from the Ministry of Public Infrastructure were still writing the report.

Transparency Institute of Guyana Inc. (TIGI) has taken the government to task for failing to send Welch on leave pending the outcome of the probe. ““This is as good a case as any, for the individual to be sent on leave to facilitate an investigation but instead the public is being told that the future of Welch with the power company will be determined by the new Board,” said the organisation.

Demerara Waves Online News was told that government was mindful that the accusers have deliberately targeted Welch.

TIGI has also flayed government for not releasing the report into Welch’s alleged involvement in irregularities in the procurement of pre-paid electricity meters and accused government of double-standards in dealing with those accused of corruption.

The pre-paid meters were valued at US$4 million.

TIGI said in light of the seriousness of the allegations including efforts to promote the submission of false documents to shore up the manufacturer’s experience in making the prepaid meters so that he could have possibly won the bid, Welch should have been sent on leave to pave the way for a probe.

  • Dharamkumar02

    I think Mr Welch should be sent on Leave during this Investigation. This is a serious matter and the same should be for him as for the others that were sent on Leave pending a thorough and complete Investigation. I this Govt means well they should have him sent home. This will place a lot of confidence in the system the Coalition Govt. What is good for one should be good for all. As far as I understand I think the evidence would prove overwhelmingly that Mr Welch was involved in committing a devious and dishonest act. The Computer IP (internet Protocol) Address was changed on behalf of Mr Welch so this process was facilitated.

    • Ashwan Singh

      Are you kidding, do you really think Colin Welch will be fired ? Have you taken a good look at him ? That is why I blame Jagdeo, Ramoutar, Irfaan Ali Clement Rohee and all those nepotistic bastards who treated Guyana as their personal property and so caused the PNC to be holding the reins of Guyana today !!

      • Kaieteur_Canada

        Get used to it… the corrupt PPP former government committed so many bullying wrongs, crookishness, personal and family enrichment, not only nepotism, that they will be in opposition for the next 50 years at least. They wont be able to run the government from jail anyway.

      • Dharamkumar02

        Ashwan it is not the point of the PNC holding power, it is a united Govt. What I am saying Mr Welch should go on Leave pending the outcome of the Investigation. Likewise I heard from reliable sources that Jagdeo and his Drug Lords plus Kickbacks, Nanda Gopaul with 11 Houses, Anil Nandalall with Hotels and houses, Sattaur of the GRA, Brassington of NICIL, Irfan Ali from Housing, Robert Persaud of Natural Sources and many more in the PPP stole so much, the public will never get a grasp of the amount, so these PPP corrupt Crooks sould all be jailed and never see the time of day again.

        • Dharam, Ashanti is seeing things differently. He has a different mindset.

          • Ashwan Singh

            Who is Ashanti ? I know it’s New Year’s Eve but for God’s sake lay off the booze man !!! LOL ! Happy New Year to all.

          • Dat is de intended message…….Lighten up Bro!……Happy New Year.

          • Dharamkumar02

            Burchi I know that, Ashwan is seeing things with a different mindset. Mr Ashwan has to open up and evaluate the crooked and corrupt PPP for what they were and also that the current Govt must never be labelled as the PNC. It is actually eleven Parties that makes up the Coalition Govt, and we must see it that way. It is very important for all the realize that Guyana is govern by a the Right Honourable David Granger who is totally committed to the entire Guyanese Nation and not one Race.

        • Ashwan Singh

          I agree, as I have said before earlier this year in this very medium — I crave the day when I see Jagdeo, Rohee, Irfan Ali, Ramoutar and all those in the so called upper echelons of the PPP are sent to jail for what they did to Guyana. What I mean by this is that they were the architects of the return of the diabolical PNC to the position that they are in now, as the rulers of Guyana.

          These are people, the PNC, who ruined Guyana and denied the people the right to choose a Govt. democratically, while raving and ranting about the Apartheid Govt. of South Africa.

          I swear to God I look forward to the day when the aforementioned bunch, who think they have a monopoly on the representation of Indo-Guyanese in the political arena of Guyana, are sent packing and off to jail for their corrupt and shameful ways. They make the PNC that turned Guyana, the breadbasket of the Caribbean, to the poorest nation status in the Western Hemisphere second only to Haiti look like Boy Scouts !!

          • SYL

            GUYS THIS IS NOT PNC ITS THE COALITION, ITS INDO GUYANESE AND AFRO GUYANESE pilots Forget the past, and stay positive about the future.. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  • KassemB

    ‘No reason to send GPL’s CEO on leave pending outcome of probe- Patterson’
    But the opposite must happen to the PPP, Brassington of NICIL and Jagdeo

  • Ah Nanimus

    Of course there’s no reason to send him on leave. He is APNC!

  • Dave Persaud

    Same BS all over again. Both political parties are acting in their own interest. Put your own in charge regardless. Maybe one day when both parties are in minority Guyana will come first.

  • Dharamkumar02

    I will take this opportunity to wish everyone a very prosperous New Year and may God Almighty bless us our country and our people like all other Nations and their people so that 2016 is ten (10) times more prosperous for all than 2015. May he guide us all to see light over darkness, may he give us success, health and strength and fulfill all our desires in the coming years.