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Daily Archives: June 15, 2012

President Ramotar is misleading the Nation; Buxton has never been part of the Post-1955 PPP

by David Hinds President Ramotar in his remarks at the commissioning of the new Tipperary Hall in my home-village, Buxton, declared that the PPP and Buxtonions are inseparable.  The president’s remarks are inaccurate and misleading. According to the press reports, he made reference to the relationship between Buxton and the PPP in the period before the split of the party ...

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Denesh Ramdin’s antics are a reflection of our growing inability to Imagine

by David Hinds As I watched West Indies cricketer, Denesh Ramdin, celebrate his century at Edgbaston with a scrawled note addressed to Vivian Richards, I experienced multiple emotions–dismay, hurt, shame, anger. I wondered aloud about the conditions of our Caribbean. Even as I willed myself to condemn Ramdin, my intellectual and political instincts steered me in another direction. Whither the ...

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