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Rates and taxes to be increased after Local Govt Elections

Minister of Communities, Ronald Bulkan Wednesday night signaled that residents in towns and neighbourhoods would  eventually have to pay increased rates and taxes after properties are re-valued following the upcoming Local Government Elections. “Of all of the factors, money is the most important one and therefore determining and establishing the revenue base  if Councils is a priority,” he said. In ...

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VAT reduction won’t be easy- Finance Minister

A Tax Review Committee has suggested to Finance Minister, Winston Jordan that if the 16 percent Value Added Tax (VAT) is to be reduced, the number of zero-rated or non-taxable items would have to reduced to compensate for a loss of revenue, Finance Minister Winston Jordan said Monday. “The recommendation suggests that we should have less zero rated items so ...

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Transportation costs to increase- Jagdeo

Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo forecasts a hike in transportation due to the ban on used tyres and a restriction on the importation of used vehicles to eight years and under- effectively pushing up the cost of acquiring vehicles. “If you have to buy new tyres, if you can’t get a new vehicle that is more than eight years old… I ...

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