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Granger urges Afro-Guyanese to quickly submit proposals for 2018 National Budget

President David Granger (centre) and members of the Country Coordinating Mechanism (CCM) of the United Nations designated International Decade of People of African Descent t

President David Granger on Sunday called on a coalition of African groups that is developing a plan to improve the condition of that segment of the population to come up with concrete projects that could be financed by next year’s budget.

Granger, who received a draft copy of the 187-page Cuffy 250 Committee’s Plan ahead of Sunday’s workshop and heard a synopsis of the document before his address, indicated that he expected the Country Coordinating Mechanism (CCM) of the United Nations-designated International Decade of People of African Descent to come up with a cost of some of their activities for 2018.

The President said when Parliament comes out of recess in early October, he would be addressing Parliament to indicate some of his government’s budgetary and legislative priorities ahead of the presentation of the 2018 National Budget in another 10 weeks.

“If financial allocations are to be made to support United Nations Declaration, those allocations have to be determined within the next 10 weeks. This gives you a sense of the urgency with which we need to consider this plan before us,” he told the Cuffy250 Committee’s 5th Annual State of the African Guyanese Forum held under the theme “Repositioning African Guyanese for Justice, Recognition and Sustainable Development.”

A section of the gathering of the Cuffy250 Committee 5th Annual State of the African Guyanese Forum.

In keeping with the Resolution on People of African Descent that was approved by the United Nations General Assembly in 2014, Guyana and several other countries across the world have committed themselves to implement projects and programmes to improve the quality of life and recognition of people of African descent.

In that regard, he called on the CCM for the United Nations-designated International Decade of People of African Descent to “define and refine the architecture to erect an economical structure” of the organisational structure to bear the work that is to be done, focus on education for the future and documentation of the achievements of the evidence.

Hoping that a work programme would emerge out of the “carefully studied” report, Granger assured that the report would not be ignored at a time when 40 of the 120 months of the International Decade of People of African Descent.

Delivering a presentation of the report on the plan, Jonathan Adams highlighted a number of historical challenges facing African Guyanese including stigmatization, poor family structures, teenage pregnancy, repeat offenders, discrimination and xenophobia.

Granger urged participants of the event at the Critchlow Labour College to not to use the International Decade of People of African Descent to engage in petty arguments such as racial or religious recrimination or fake history and instead buckle down to the implementation of projects. “Let us fight one war at a time and let us not try to fight old battles of the past,” he said.

The President said there is no room for Afro-Guyanese to be diverted or deviated from their mission because the opportunity may not be available again for decades to come. “My brothers and sisters, this is not a time for bickering and brawling and for breaking down. It is time for building up,” he added.

United Nations Representative in Guyana, Dr. William Adu-Krow announced that a Working Group on the People of African Descent would be visiting Guyana in October, 2017 at the request of the Guyana government.

  • Kassem_B

    ‘Granger urges Afro-Guyanese to quickly submit proposals for 2018 National Budget’
    The Non-Afro-Guyanese should take this seriously
    Remember the leaked Nassau, Bahamas Manifesto that Min. Trotman boast about during the last LGE?
    The one seat majority no longer a monster to the media gods and the chattering class

    • Col123

      Look..people believe that some god chap always provide…what is wrong when god provide for all..what if Granger is god?…..wasn’t it in Philipians where it was said that god is generous and will take care of you…..I need to go back to church…keep forgetting this stuff..

      • Kassem_B

        Then how on earth are you hoping ever to achieve a one nation Guyana?
        You cannot have both with that sort of leadership period
        And don’t blame god

        • Col123

          K.. help me out here… what do you mean by “one nation Guyana “..cause Guyanese is a nation… look, I know that the Presi is asking only Afro Guyanese how much money they need.. … and I don’t see anything wrong with that… you know what they say about weakest link in the chain thingy… don’t waste time answering me… I think my friend JR is taking a nasty shot at you…

  • Charles Selman

    This event was well represented. His Excellency was forthright and motivating. But some presenters did not acknowledge that Leader Burnham not only held out promises to us; he actually gave us EVERYTHING to redeem our sense of industry. What did our people do? We left the tractors and the combines in the fields; we sold out machines, etc.
    Remember the Buxton experiment? Our own market? Victoria’s Greco factory?
    What have we done with what was given to us?

    I welcome President Granger’s commitment. It is for us to commit to him. Else it will all be a waste of time and money.

  • Jinnah Rahman



    The active support offered by the President of the Co-operative Republic of Guyana must be taken up immediately with both hands.

    Without ownership of lands and material resources, our compatriots will never be able to enhance their working and living conditions. Collective Land ownership is the key to this economic LIBERATION against poverty and the degradation of ordinary Guyanese.

    The working people of Guyana needs to get out of this DEPENDENCY CULTURE -looking to the heavens above to save them from the brutality of a socio-economic and political system of enslavement – the system of capitalism, which continues to exploit them and the younger generation.

    FOR THE MANY, NOT THE FEW, should be the battle cry. Our natural resources have been severely misused to the benefit of the FEW and NOT the MANY. That must stop and the President MUST PUT HIS MOUTH, WHERE HIS MONEY IS.

    The President must swiftly turn the country around by REMOVING those around him, who have NOT implemented the PROMISES set out in the COALITION MANIFESTO. The President’s Agenda on Agriculture must be IMPLEMENTED to the letter by those who are paid officials, with the REAL practitioners, the farmers. The President has a formidable ally, the NATIONAL FARMERS ORGANISATION, (NFO), that has just publicly observed its 37th. Anniversary.

    The working class Afro-Guyanese have been largely neglected by the Jagdeo-PPP regime, leaving a trail of discontented and disempowered people all around the country. Now in opposition, Jagdeo continues to play a destructive role – openly sabotaging and boycotting policies and programmes of this administration. The government must maintain LAW AND ORDER and remove actors, who are lawless and not law abiding.

    The President’s agenda on agriculture and agro-industry must be the engine for growth and development in the country. The Right of Guyanese to own lands, as enshrined in the Guyana Constitution, must become a reality. For tillers of the soil to enrich themselves and create employment for the thousands of unemployed youths, reliable finance is fundamental necessity.

    The REESTABLISHING of the Guyana Agricultural and Industrial Bank (GAIBANK), which is a public commitment – set out in the Coalition government Manifesto, has been virtually sabotaged by the Minister of Finance, Winston Jordan, and the indolent Agriculture Minister, Noel Holder. The EMPOWERMENT of Afro-Guyanese will become a meaningless promise, if the AFRO and INDO -SAXON Ministers, and government officials, continue to play silly games with people’s lives.

    The PPP claimed that they were forced by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to close down the Agricultural bank due to corruption and mismanagement. The IMF should have offered tested methods to prevent such malpractices. If the commercial bank can prevent malefices, why not the People’s financial institution.

    There numerous commercial banks in Guyana and according to sources at the Guyana Bank, have more than 300 BILLION Guyana dollars lying in their coffers, untouched and unused. The agricultural Bank is an exception. There are Guyanese, who have worked with this institution who are available and are ready to help in this regard. The President must ensure that is the Bank is up and running by the end of the year.

    This writer is in touch with brilliant Guyanese bankers, some living here, who are willing and eager to help in the reestablishing of the Agriculture and even the Co-operative Bank. Our President must ensure that we take the government to the people by create the environment, where needs create opportunities and the necessity to live becomes, the “mother of invention” ! Mechanisms to prevent any form of fraud and corrupt practices is not rocket science.

  • ExPPP_Man

    Granger urges Afro-Guyanese to quickly submit proposals for 2018 National Budget’

    – funding from where ? From the Indo Guyanese tax payers. Daylight robbery of Indo-Guyanese. That is Afro Guyanese contribution to the nation; robbing the hard working Indo Guyanese. These people are a parasite to us.

    • Col123

      Live and let live chap… alyou a church people… Gaad can mek baskets of bread and fish from just a loaf of bread and one fish…

      • ExPPP_Man

        When all you look fuh wuk, Gaad gonna provide. Gaaawwd neva seh thief and kill fuh a living.

      • Jinnah Rahman

        IMPERIALIST USA GENERAL, you see what is happening to your adopted homeland, where the KKK is now in the WHITE HOUSE? We would not tolerate that kind of RACIAL nonsense here.

        You claim to be a General in the US army, who is shit scared to tell us your name, but you want to dictate what we do here, after ABANDONING our country to fight Black people in UNJUSTIFIED WAR.
        We don’t need people with that type of behaviour here.

        • Col123

          Let me make this clear…I pay rates and taxes in Guyana .

      • ExPPP_Man

        Nah, man, all you like leach. Only bleeding us. Ya’ll should wukk the land Kabaka burnham give all yuh.

  • rs dasai

    Of course, I am the President of all peoples of Guyana.

  • Col123

    JR … we still have freedom of speech in Guyana… No one is stopping you from writing your usual bullshit nonsense… a bunch of rambling nonsense from that free education in east Germany you received from Guyanese.
    You are a bloody idiot racist also and a whorish hypocrite… so keep writing your nonsense… no one is stopping you..

  • ExPPP_Man

    A dog like you accusing me of accumulating wealth by dubious means ? Look at your own life , you have never done an honest days work in your life. You suck the blood of the poor to get by. You need to change your name, since you’re such a disgrace to the Muslim community. When you get a job , then criticize us who develop business from ground, pay taxes, contribute to the GDP and put food on the table of freeloaders like you.

  • Col123 you converted chap…good fuh you!

  • Col123

    You refused a grand opportunity to live in Buxton Bro…you wouldn’t last a night there…that’s for sure…