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Govt outlaws parking meters on Water Street, other streets

The Ministry of Public Infrastructure has effectively banned parking meters on Water Street where several of them have been erected and Smart City Solutions (SCS) continues to enforce the bylaws by clamping/booting and towing away vehicles.

Meters have been erected in the vicinity of Fogarty’s,  Muneshwers, Republic Bank and Guyana Stores, but now the Ministry of Public Infrastructure says it is legally responsible for that and other roads and that it has not permitted City Hall or SCS to operate there.

“The Ministry wishes to clarify that it has not entered into any agreement neither has it given permission to the Mayor and City Council of Georgetown nor Smart City Solutions to erect parking meters along the aforementioned public roads. The public should therefore be guided accordingly,” the ministry said.

The Ministry said that in accordance with the Roads Act, Chapter 51:01 of the Laws of Guyana, the following roads within the city of Georgetown, have been declared to be public roads and therefore fall strictly under the purview of the Ministry:

1. Clive Lloyd Drive
2. Rupert Craig Highway
3. University of Guyana Access
4. Water Street
5. Battery Road
6. Sea Wall Road
7. Young Street
8. Barrack Street
9. Camp Road
10. Fort Street
11. Vlissengen Road
12. Irving Street
13. Station Street
14. Duncan Street
15. Thomas Road
16. Sheriff Street/Kitty Avenue
17. Ruimveldt Avenue
18. Houston Bypass
19. Eastern Highway
Cabinet earlier this week decided to ask City Hall to suspend the parking meter project for three months to allow for consultations and a review of the contract to make it  more acceptable to the public.
However, Georgetown’s Town Clerk, Royston King has since written to Minister of Communities, Ronald Bulkan virtually ruling out the suspension of the contract because City Hall would have to compensate the company for the US$10 million project.
  • Emile_Mervin

    Let Royston King and Patricia Chase-Green and Junior Garrett and Oscar Clark reimburse SCS for the money it spent on the parking meters scam. Then all four should be made to walk the plank.

    To those who belittled and bused out Sherrod Duncan as an opportunist and worse, he is being vindicated by the Coalition’s decision here.

    Voters kicked the PPP out because they wanted a restoration of transparency and accountability.

  • Gtloyal

    Let King and the mayoress find or take their own money and pay or go to jail. After all, it was they who secretly signed such a contract. Had they discussed it publicly as called for, it would have been different.

  • rudeo

    the kong and lady in green are dumbos par excellence….with the perks they received from SCS let THEM pay back SCS….and let them resign or be removed…is this what we replaced Sobha with?

  • Gtloyal

    Why? Is that how you see things? What does one has to do with the other? If both has to go to jail then so be it.
    I do not defend nor offend people because of race, color nor creed and even less so because of political affiliation. I’ll defend anyone if I think they are right, especially if they are being taken advantage of.

  • Gtloyal

    “The contract’s legality needs to be the issue, ….”
    I pray they listen to you, Phil.