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GPL says blackout due to “suspected fault” on Kingston- Sophia link

Demerara Berbice Interconnected System (DBIS) experienced three shutdowns at approximately 12:03 hrs, 12:58 hrs and 16:04 hrs today due to a suspected fault on the 69kv transmission line linking the Kingston Power Station to the Sophia Substation (Dispatch Centre). This transmission line remains isolated from the DBIS grid.

While efforts are ongoing to determine the origin of the shutdowns, power was restored within minutes of each shutdown in both counties with the exception of customers from Onverwagt to Ithaca-Berbice, Sophia to Success-ECD and along the East Bank Demerara Corridors who were repowered around 18:30hrs.

The loss of this transmission line connection between Kingston and Sophia has reduced available generation by 32 megawatts within the DBIS, thus necessitating an emergency load shedding programme in the both counties while we work assiduously to return normalcy to the grid.

Customers are encouraged to visit our website at and GPL Inc. Facebook page for updates as they become available.

We express regret for this unfortunate situation and the inconveniences caused and seek the patience of our valued customers.

  • Emile_Mervin

    IMHO, this almost 40 years of blackouts are not the results of mere mismanagement or incompetence, it is a manifestation of a curse. A curse that speaks to darkness upon the land because of political leaders who shunned light in favor of darkness. A curse that has to be broken at the political leadership level. Very often, a manifestation in the natural is a representation of the supernatural. Selah!