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Venezuelans coming legally on humanitarian grounds will not be turned back

The Guyana government on Wednesday made it clear that Venezuelans coming here legally in search of food and other necessities would not be turned back but those entering illegally would be prosecuted and deported

“We have made it clear that on humanitarian grounds we will not turn back Venezuelans who come to seek help here in Guyana,” Minister of State, Joseph Harmon told a news conference.

Harmon, however, stressed that “the law is the law” when asked whether government would like to see a softening of the court’s approach towards those who have been brought before the courts for illegal entry.

His comments followed this week’s deportation order of 14 Venezuelans who were found guilty for illegal entry, although they told the Court that they had come to Guyana in search of food and other necessities due to the economic crisis in their homeland. “The law is the law! The government will not tell the courts how to act. The fact that the persons were actually brought to the court meant that there would have been some ffoence that would have been committed,” said Harmon, an Attorney-at-Law by profession.

The Minister of State said Guyana was internationally obligated to assist persons on humanitarian grounds

“We off course have a responsibility to ensure the integrity of our borders and that the immigration procedures will be applied to all,” he said, adding that all persons coming to Guyana must do so at the designated ports of entry.

  • Gtloyal

    Mr Harmon once again proves to me that my mule is intelligent enough to be minister over the president any day.
    How in heavens name will Venezuelans come legally when their government is denying that there is a problem and international movement is being restricted through control of the dollar? They can’t even move around with dollars freely, much less leave with it. They can’t even make international calls anymore. There are no airlines flying to Guyana from there. There are no roads. How many ports of entry do we have with immigration officers along the hundreds of miles of common border? Guyana has no functioning consulates in interior cities there and going to Caracas will cost more than what someone in need of humanitarian help can afford. Plus, a visa will take weeks if not months to get. By that time the person may be dead. The people are with their backs against the wall. It is a matter of survival. There is no time for legalities. People, in desperate times will walk the shallow and swim the deep. They will reach.
    Mr Harmon, the LAW was made to serve MAN. Man was NOT made to keep the law. Don’t put the law above love and mercy as the jews did or you will be killing Christ, again.
    Frankly, every time you open your mouth I am more convinced that you are not suitable to hold the post you were given and should step down before you drag the government down with the unreasonable, nonsence you spew. From the beginning you react with arrogance as though you are superior to anyone. Don’t let being a minister get to your head. You are just another public servant. People are laughing at you already, questioning your intellect. Can’t you see? How will you be remembered?