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Three charged in connection with grenade outside Kaieteur News

Three men were on Wednesday remanded to prison by Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan after they were charged in connection with he recent grenade attack on publisher of Kaieteur News, Glen Lall earlier this month. 
Those charged were; 30-year old trader, Janiel Howard of Section ‘C’, Turkeyen;; 25-year old Leroy Williams of Durban Backlands; and 20-year old Alfie Garraway, a labourer, who resides at Norton Street. 
The court heard that on June 4, at Saffon Street, the trio, along with others, unlawfully and maliciously conspired to endanger lives by way of explosion of a grenade. The trio who were unrepresented were not required to plea to the charge and were remanded to prison until July 7, 2016. 
Police prosecutor Deniro Jones objected to bail on the grounds of the gravity and penalty of the change.
The police are still to capture 20-year-old Shemar Wilson, called ‘Abdue’, who is also wanted in connection with the grenade attack on Lall. Wilson is said to be from 43 North Sophia, Georgetown, and Lot 51 West La Penitence.
A fragmentation grenade was, on the evening of June 4th tossed near Lall’s vehicle outside the newspaper’s office and printery on Saffon Street, Charlestown. Though the device did not explode, it was later discovered that the pin had been detached from it.
First to be apprehended by the police was a 19-year-old man who reportedly confessed to being the driver of a Toyota Spacio, bearing number plate PSS 5252 – the vehicle identified as the one used by the perpetrators to carry out the attack. The vehicle was subsequently found abandoned on Norton Street and Mandela Avenue.
On Saturday last, at least 12 persons linked to the attack were in custody assisting with investigations. 
  • Emile_Mervin

    Who are the masterminds? Without the masterminds these bit players will pay for their greed, but the masterminds remain free to strike again.

    • ExPPP_Man

      Say it nah, I know you want to say is PPP send them. Don’t be a coward, just spill it.

      • Emile_Mervin

        It is not as easy as you are stupidly thinking, because KN has irked elements in both the corrupt PPP and its off-spring, which constitutes the major arm of the present government.

        • george wiltshire

          Boy I am praying that the perpetrators are discovered. Let us keep praying. I could imagine somebody in a comfortable position must be edgy. Those men must watch their backs. Somebody will want them dead.

        • eddie

          even with there bullying way freedom of press had it place in Guyana before,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, do you see how quiet the target is,,,, right there is the give away……………..the old Chinese saying is applying to him don’t wish for something because you might not like it when you get it

          • Col123

            Eddie.. Your point on the “quiet target” can cut both ways…,..but then..dirty laundry can be disposed in many ways…these folks are “big” guys and they can resolve issues in back room deals…

          • eddie

            that I know!!! and I could care less about these big player. my concern is the upholding of the freedom of press because that my friend will be the reason that Guyanese get what they deserve that the world enjoy politician working for the people and not themselves

  • Col123

    RK disciples vs freedom fighters?