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Six arrested for Kaieteur News grenade incident

The grenade located near the front rear wheel of Glen Lall's vehicle.

The grenade located near the front right wheel of Glen Lall’s vehicle.

Six persons were early Tuesday morning arrested in connection with the presence of a live grenade near the vehicle owned and driven by the publisher of Kaieteur News, Glenn Lall.

“Relative to the investigation into the grenade attack at Kaieteur News, detectives from the Guyana Police Force after reviewing surveillance footage have detained a motor car matching the description and six suspects,”  the Guyana Police Force said in a statement.

Ballistic experts said the pin was detached from the live fragmentation grenade, but the most likely reason that it did not explode was because it malfunctioned due to poor storage.

Commander for ‘A’ Division, Assistant Commissioner, Clifton Hicken said the suspects were arrested at several locations in Sophia, South Georgetown and its environs.

Hicken explained that the driver of a car , which was found abandoned shortly after the grenade was seen near the vehicle Saturday night, admitted that the car was not hijacked but was loaned to a friend. The police officer said the owner of the car has named the person to whom the car was loaned.

The Commander expressed his sincere thanks to members of the public who have been assisting with the probe. “We want to thank the public for coming on board to share information to bring closure to this incident. We are optimistic that we will bring closure,” he told Demerara Waves Online News.

The grenade was found late Saturday night near Lall’s vehicle while several Kaieteur News staffers were nearby attending a wake for Dale Andrews who died hours earlier.

  • KassemB

    Where are the names, mug shots and other details?

    • george wiltshire

      They are coming I hope.

    • SYL

      I know we are in the tech. times , but patience is still a virtue.

      • KassemB

        Lets hope it is before the next Jubilee

  • rudeo

    alleged perpetrators……guess their ethnicity may be an embarrassment too

    • SYL

      Lets pull back on the race issue and re- focus the mind to think Guyanese. Like it or not we have to live together in Guyana, because as I mentioned previously, that Guyanese of different ethnicity are peaceful and discuss constructive issues when living abroad. The race card is not played. So are the Guyanese at home illiterate , or ignorant to this fact?

  • george wiltshire

    For the last twenty three years an ethnic group ha been used to perpetuate so many heinous crimes it is a crying shame. Yes it is an embarrassment. These hoodlums should be sent to prison for a long time.

    • Surujpaul Rampersaud

      This is not a case of ethinicity and should not be made into a political football. It is an attack on democracy and against individual freedom. All freedom loving individuals and groups should disavow it. For too long we have allowed this thuggish behavior to grow and now we are all consumed.

      • Col123

        SR…just call it what it is ?and who is consumed? is back to the golden years of gyam fyah…Guyana has freedom fighters galore…this fracas is no different from what we see in Jamaica and Trinidad where these thugs hold on and run parts of the major city…with subtle acquiescence from the government who is afraid to “wipe them out”…

    • eddie

      so who is lacking the intelligence here,,, last I check the same shit goes on all over the world, I wonder if the last 23 years has perpetuate this too…… the day we stop with the excuse is the day the world will be different

    • Col123

      Twenty three years?…What ethnic group? the criminals in Trinidad/Jamaica?…with similar culture as ours…Jaggie is all over the place teaching these thugs ..the chap should get a Noble Prize!

  • george wiltshire

    Really I do this nk that we need to speak our minds. This is not an excuse for wrong doing. The earlier we start dealing with these brain less hoodlums in a harsh way the earlier they will distance themselves from crime.