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2:00AM Party Done curfew being reviewed for some Jubilee events

Minister of Public Security, Khemraj Ramjattan

Minister of Public Security, Khemraj Ramjattan

With mounting concerns from local promoters and party-goers over the 2:00AM Party done curfew, Public Security Minister Khemraj Ramjattan says that the curfew will be lifted for some of the events as Guyana celebrates 50 years as an Independent nation.

Ramjattan made the disclosure when questioned on the issue by Demerara Waves on Monday afternoon.

The Security Minister stated that while the curfew is not being lifted completely, it will be relaxed for some events. Interested promoters will have to apply to the Minister for a waiver for their events.

“We are going about it on a one on one basis not exclusively for the entire thing. You have to have a justification for certain events and I will utilize my discretion for that,” said Ramjattan.

He said that already numerous requests have been received by his office to relax the curfew.

“I am getting a whole lot of people even small rum shops and so one want to do the thing from now,”
he said later adding “all the national events will definitely be extended.”

Ramjattan said that while the move is discriminatory it is violating hence it will be done with the strictest approach possible.

“Look, they got some of them trying to capitalize in an unjustified way…because they brought in some Jamaican DJs. We ain’t got DJs in Guyana? Because of the DJ coming in from Jamaica they said they want to go till 5 in the morning…well I am not going to allow that,” said the Security Minister.



  • Action

    Mr Ramjattan can be more flexible. He has to realized that they are a lot of younger folks who are coming to the celebration too and will be spending their money just the same. Their preference being those same parties with Jamaican djs, and they generally party until 4 a.m. He can be more accommodating this one time, after all this is the fiftieth anniversary, let everybody have fun and joyful memories.

  • MEMES Unlimited

    Interesting standpoint, sir…..I guess it translates into the proclamation/curfew not having real sting insofar as curbing people’s actions regarding entertainment and drinks since indoors/bottom house parties will expand and persist. Conversely, business owners and staff suffering severe reduction of earnings for the establishments and for staff on a consistent, year long basis….pay the bills and savings accounts for one month and then, back to lowball figures. Go figure if that is a viable way to invest in and operate any business especially in the light of this massive tourism thrust with competitive alternatives across Caricom (with white sandy beaches, blue waters, 5 star hotels)for all night long partying and the late hours “wash down” session.

  • ExPPP_Man

    Them find plenty money to sport now. I thought the treasury was empty. Lift the curfew to blow it all away.