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Kwame McCoy slapped with three charges over 2011 Benschop assault

PPP Activist, Kwame McCoy

PPP Activist, Kwame McCoy

People’s Progressive Party (PPP) activist Kwame McCoy has once again been hauled before the courts; this time over allegations of assault against political activist Mark Benschop.

McCoy on Wednesday appeared before the Providence Magistrate’s Court where he was made to answer charges of assault, damage to property, and larceny.

He pleaded not guilty to the charges when they were read to him by Magistrate Lerone Bailey and was was granted a total of $275,000 bail.

McCoy is scheduled to return to court on May 18.

The charges stem from an incident on March 5, 2011, when Benschop was allegedly attacked outside McCoy’s residence in Diamond, East Bank Demerara.

Benschop’s vehicle which was left outside McCoy’s home after he fled the area; was damaged to a considerable extent with all of the windows and windscreens broken. Several items were also stolen from the vehicle.

The PPP activist is claiming that he is being witch-hunted following the latest string of charges that have been laid against him.

“Over the last few months, I have had to endure several days of imprisonment; I spent numerous hours at police stations; I gave several statements to the police; I have been asked innumerable questions; attempts have been made to frame me for murder; I have been charged with an assault which allegedly took place over five (5) years ago; although assault is one of the most trivial charges known to criminal law, I have been taken to court in chain,” McCoy said in a statement released on Wednesday morning.

He said that it is clear he is being persecuted because of his “journalistic and political activism” adding that the criminal justice system will continue to be used and misused as a political weapon against persons.

“I call on the Guyana Human Rights Association (GHRA) and on all other human rights organisations in Guyana; I call on the DPP; I call on the Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR); I call on the Police Complaint Authority (PCA); I call on those in charge of the Administration of justice; I call on our Diplomatic Community; I call on the CARICOM Secretary-General and I call on every peace- loving Guyanese and on all political leaders to condemn this political persecution of me.”

McCoy said he will endure and is confident that his innocence will be vindicated in the end.


  • george wiltshire

    This is straight talk. These guys do not have any conscience. He should have tried the tears shedding he had tried on the young boy. Does this creature of the pppc really expect persons to believe him. He trod on the human rights of many persons.

    • Emile_Mervin

      A year ago, this day seemed improbable!


    This fat faggot has now gotten his come comeuppance and he is now begging like a girl for help, lumumba is the next one that’s going to get his just desserts.

    • ExPPP_Man

      You calling people faggot, as they say in Guyana, it takes one to know one.

  • ExPPP_Man

    Black on black crime – they like two dogs fighting; at the end only the two tails left, the two dogs eat out each other.

    • george wiltshire

      Hey brother you should be praying for those who perpetuated such. God is watching. You know who afforded k the leverage to do what he did. I know that the JESUS of the mountain is the JESUS of the valley and HEwill make it right. The man who
      paid the bandits to beat himself and wife were they black people? The woman who paid the black man to kill Ber husband were they all black people? What caused that? It was sin not race. Let us be in prayer for this nation. Please let us forget race strive for righteousness.

      • ExPPP_Man

        How come we should not forget about race when all of us East Indians jobs are being taken away and given to blacks, is that how Jesus say to deal ?

        • george wiltshire

          That is strange ! I know a few blacks whose jobs were taken away and given to Indians.