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“Quarters” charged with killing his child’s mother

Cleavaughn "Quarters" Hamilton.

Clevaughn “Quarters” Hamilton.

The man, who police said confessed to killing his child’s mother and dumping her body  in a canal, was Friday arraigned for the indictable charge of murder.

Cleavaughn ‘Quarters’ Hamilton  of Mahaicony, East Coast Demerara was not required to plead to the charge.  After the charge was read to the 30-year old man by Magistrate Zameena Ali,  remanded  him to prison until May 18, 2016.

Hamilton is accused of the murder of 25-year old Simone Hackett of “C” Field, Sophia between April 16 and 19, 2016.

Her body was discovered in a canal at Cummings Lodge, East Coast Demerara earlier this week by two schoolboys and was later identified by grieving relatives.  Head of the Criminal Investigations Department, Senior Superintendent, Wendell Blanhum has said that the man has confessed to his involvement in the crime because

Simone Hackett.

Simone Hackett.

Hackett was allegedly unfaithful to him.

Hamilton was charged and arraigned one day after he confessed to his involvement in the crime and led investigators back to the scene of the incident.

Defence Lawyer, Patrice Henry told the court that Hamilton was beaten by inmates while he was detained in a cell at the Sparendaam Police Station. He complained  and that he was denied the right to see his client.

Relatives reported that Hackett was missing after she failed to return home after purportedly leaving to collect a package that Hamilton said he had sent from Mahdia with someone named Dexter.

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