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Prime suspect held for Guyanese agriculturist’s murder

The house in which  Anthony Breedy's body was found

The house in which Anthony Breedy’s body was found

A prime suspect in the murder of Guyanese agriculturist, Anthony Breedy, has been arrested with the dead man’s Automatic Teller Machine’s (ATM) card in his possession.

Breedy’s Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) was also found at Nabaclis, East Coast Demerara with a fake license number written on pieces of cardboard. The detainee has already told investigators that he and his accomplices had planned to take the vehicle to Berbice to sell it.

The body of the 60-year old man was found Monday morning with his hands and feet tied and severe injuries to his head.  A friend who had gone to take fruits for him at his Hill Foot, Soesdyke-Linden Highway home discovered his body in the lower flat of his home. Police said the top flat was ransacked.

Breedy was well-known and highly respected on the Caribbean island of Montserrat where he worked as an extension officer for several years in the aftermath of the volcanic devastation of more than half of that British dependency.

  • SYL

    Hang them high , the gentleman worked so hard then that’s his fate with these animals. No more tax payers hard earned money is available to feed these bastards.

    • Col123

      SYK:…Why do you want the system to hang the accused?….Are 500+ brothers who met their demise not enough?

      • SYL

        My friend maybe you don’t get it until they visit you and family with the same venom . Why should social plebs be allowed to go around killing hard working people and its a pat on the wrist, to say they have rights,They took away the rights of the gentleman by killing him, Now are you insinuating that the police frame these also? The 500+ as you mentioned has nothing to do with this demise of the agriculturist , for example. Many of us compromise too much with criminals, that’s the reason they continue to be brutal on society. Please get it before they visit your self and family.

        • Col123

          Appeal to emotions is an appropriate response…sometimes…BUT capital punishment is an extreme..allow me to take your point about being on the personal side of such tragedy…What if the wrong individual was tried and hung for such tragedy on my family…it means that the person who committed the act would still be out there!……there are too many recorded evidence of such challenges in any legal system….The justice system worldwide ( I am not in the legal profession) are not without flaws…The preservation of life is a responsibility of any civil society and can be attained with the resources of a strong social structure with roots embedded in education, health, jobs, etc.etc.

          • SYL

            Please refer to one of my earlier comments in which I stated that once the person is found guilty, then that’s my punishment. However you guys are too sympathetic with these social plebs.Now the can of worms has been opened and all the level headed thinking persons can see the intent of these plebs, even in the prison they they have no regard for law and order, and wants sympathy from the public and the justice system. However, some people will still be like ” well you know they are humans and suffering”.My point will and shall always remain “do they consider the victims” while executing they trade. Victims beg and plead for a chance for their lives , but these plebs are viscous, while plying their trade. I rest my case.

          • Col123

            SYL…good conversation..Have to say that I have become more liberal with age…I used to feel the way you do sometimes…but after dealing with folks dying with degenerative and terminal alterations, clinical emergent and traumatic deaths…it is a failure when you cannot save a life……I have seen enough…life is precious…and cannot be replaced…I have seen those same vicious folks changed their ways and contributed positively to society…I respect your position…