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NICIL Probe: SOCU hauls in Luncheon for questioning

Former Head of the Presidential Secretariat (HPS) Dr Roger Luncheon is the latest member of the Former People's Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) administration that has been hauled in for questioning in relation to irregularities uncovered at NICIL.

Sources at the Special Operations Crime Unit (SOCU) have confirmed that the PPP stalwart was questioned sometime today. However no other information relative to the interrogation was divulged.

Luncheon is the joins the likes of former President Samuel Hinds, Gail Teixeira, Irfaan Ali and Nigel Dharamlall, that have been questioned in relation to the probe.

Efforts made to contact the former Cabinet Secretary for a comment were futile.

On Wednesday, Teixeira had revealed that she was among those questioned.

Asked what she was questioned about, Teixeira said she could not"talk about those right now" but noted that the questions were centered around the audit report submitted by Anand Goolsarran.

"They said its the first phase of looking at the statements and issued raised in Mr Goolsarran's report that relate to criminal activity," said Teixeira.

Goolsarran has said that his report has found numerous damning pieces of evidence that shows how NICIL, the government’s holding company for state assets, was being run.

  • Emile_Mervin

    Winston Brassington did say his decisions taken as NICIL were done either on the instruction or authorization of Cabinet, so are these the Cabinet members who instructed and authorized Brassington to engage in irregularities or were they actual beneficiaries of irregularities?

    I still do understand why, after all these years of the then opposition crying out that NICIL funds were actually public funds, that an audit of NICIL was done, but the public does not know anything about the details.

    Then there are other other audits, all 9th which should have been laid in Parliament, which is the rightful forum to help the public understand what happened with their funds.

    I don’t know what to expect from this drip, drip hauling in of PPP players, because they are not the first to be questioned but no other action. The GY$600m PSM case comes to mind.

    And whatever happened to the GY$28m GPL case or the much belabored Guyoil scam? A bunch of investigations and no…

    • ExPPP_Man

      Bannah – all this is just so they could please some of the big party donors whom did not find favor from the PPP. They all have their own ax to grind.
      It’s also just another way of rewarding party stalwarts, like paying the old senile farts like Clive Thomas – who have absolutely no hands on business experience

      • long_legs

        is the hands-on business experience from gimpex that had donald ramotar presiding over a bankrupt guysuco both as a member of the board and as president.

        …by the way, yuh know wey he deh? it looks like his own party won’t want to touch him with a ten-foot pole especially since alexei ramotar brought down the fiber optics cable to naught.

        family legacy i heard someone say?


        • Lyndon Scott

          these things take time,everyone wants things to happen overnight.I want people to happen so quickly,then the ppp has a counter lash,because all they want to do is to make the Govt.look bad.I do hope that the Govt.take their time to educate the people and gail the culpable people

      • That is why your PPP ( no ex.) took us down the road of ”dunceness”……..practice without theory is BLIND.

        Or take your pick….”Fact without theory is trivia. Theory without fact is bullshit”.

        • rs dasai

          Right you are.emile says ‘alleged illegal activities’ and Dharam says ‘illegal activities’. if Dharam has ‘proof’, then the Cops should also ‘haul’ him in for questioning. Yes?

    • Dharamkumar02

      A bunch of investigations and questionings and no more actions. After all these illegal and corrupt activities during the PPP reign, I find it very hard to believe that no on in the PPP is not criminally charged as yet. I think someone is going to break during vigorous interrogations soon, I really hope it happened and when it happens it must be from the extreme top.

  • Col123

    Why not pull in Mr Jagdeo for questioning? SOCU can get the desired information straight from his mouth. He is not above the law…then we can move on with the major developmental programs..

    • Sean Ori

      KEEP IT REAL Col123:

      Led by Media Speculation the APNU+AFC Government have launched an investigation into the affairs of state-owned holding company NICIL. This investigation, deemed a “fishing expedition”, is being conducted by SOCU.

      The question needs to be ask as to what serious investigative journalist/reporter does KN have at its disposal to investigate alleged financial crimes? KN certainly needs to have someone experienced enough
      before making all these speculative claims of financial wrong-doings.

      Never mind what you think happened or suspect happened. It is what you can proved happened.

      I just hope they are not going to tell us that the company minutes of the
      meeting have not been filed/lost. Because that would be the biggest comedy of the year. Only the APNU+AFC simplistic supporters will believe that is a great wrong-doing.

      I just hope that the APNU+AFC Government have actually found some evidence or it would have practically curtailed Civil Liberties and beat
      up on its political Opposition to as Dr Tarron Khemraj puts it “pacify an ethnic mass easily swayed by simplistic propaganda and flawed calculations”. Or, simply put. The APNU+AFC Government is simply trying to appease its supporters.

      And, The Media Speculated…..

    • rs dasai

      The problem is that Dr. Jagdeo can sue them for ‘you know what’ when their allegations are not proven. ‘Evidence’ not information is needed. And where is the ‘evidence’ ‘dug up’ by Mr. Goolsaran?