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Nagamootoo gets high profile responsibilities

Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo is now responsible for governance, a portfolio that had been previously held by Raphael Trotman until he was recently appointed Minister of Natural Resources.
Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo.

Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo.

For the first time in decades, the President has given up the vital portfolio of petroleum (oil and gas) and has instead assigned it to a minister, in this case Trotman.

In keeping with the February 14, 2015 Cummingsburg Accord between President David Granger’s A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) and the Alliance For Change,  constitutional reform is now a gazetted responsibility of the Prime Minister.


Minister of Public Telecommunications, Catherine Hughes

Also gazetted as his responsibilities for the first time since the May 11, 2015 general and regional elections are parliamentary affairs, constitutional reforms and public information.

The opposition People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPPC) had previously mocked Nagamootoo, saying that his responsibility largely for the State Media had been virtually on par with then Media Liaison at the Office of the President, Kwame Mc Coy.

While Nagamootoo retains responsibility for the National Communications Network, Guyana National Newspapers Limited, Guyana Information Agency and the Guyana National Broadcasting Authority, he is no longer responsible for the National Frequency Management Unit (NFMU) which allocates all television, radio, satellite and other communication frequencies.

In her new role as Minister of Public Telecommunications,  Catherine Hughes has taken over responsibility for the NFMU from Nagamootoo and Postal and Telegraph Services from the Ministry of Public Infrastructure. Prior to the ministerial shuffle, Junior Minister of Public Infrastructure Annette Ferguson had been in charge of Postal Services.

Minister of Natural Resources, Raphael Trotman.

Minister of Natural Resources, Raphael Trotman.

In keeping with the Information Communication Technology thrust of the eight month old coalition government, the Public Telecommunications Ministry was established and the responsibilities for  the National Data Management Authority and E-Government have been also handed to Hughes.

Trotman is also responsible for natural resources, wildlife protection, protected areas, forestry and forest policy, and environmental protection. Agencies coming under his purview are the Guyana Forestry Commission, Guyana Geology and Mines Commission and the Guyana Gold Board.

When Trotman was Minister of Governance, he was responsible for the Ministry of the Presidency’s Department of Natural Resources and the Environment, now a separate ministry.

  • Emile_Mervin

    I wish if Granger dis not mess with the old ministries, which he renamed with confusing responsibilities. However, I am happy to see the coalition reverting to the Cummingsburg Accord agreement that allows the Prime Minister to run the daily affairs of government and handle constitution reform. There are too many coalition supporters who have lost interest in the coalition to allow the status quo to continue.

    With Nagamootoo responsible for constitutional reform, we should have an idea how far Nigel Hughes has gone in his preliminary work on this front.

    • Col123

      EM…here is his big opportunity to include the PPP in a big time unity government …Mr Nagggermoto has a good chance of getting $20 K per bag of paddy for his supporters…we are on to something very big with this move in the Coalition…

      • Emile_Mervin

        Do you really envisage a unity government featuring Jagdeo, who singlehandedly put the PPP out of office and created the mess the coalition is struggling to clean up? I don’t!

        • Col123

          Emile…No..I cannot see the PPP,a party with both past leadership/and future ones so demonized by the media and Govt, that they will even entertain the thought of joining in a unity government. The real questions are 1…why would the current government want to break bread with demons?….2…Why would PNC,AFC,WPA et al want others when we can surmise that they can hold on to power forever…given the political history of elections in Guyana….and the grip and control of its colonial masters .

          • Emile_Mervin

            As weak and failed a leader as Ramotar was, I would prefer a Ramotar-led PPP in unity government talks with the coalition. To this day many supporters cannot see the age Jagdeo has caused to the PPP, a party whose invincibility at polls guaranteed its on power.

            Having destroyed the PPP and sidelined Ramotar, Jagdeo is back in the driver’s seat and all he has to help him regain power is to appeal to gullible Indians on the basis of race, and once he gets back into power, he will resume raiding the treasury and ripping off the nation’s resources.

            Folks who traditionally support the PPP have to learn to see there is a difference between Jagdeo and the PPP: he is not a leader of Indians, but using Indians and the PPP to achieve his personal greed! Indians to send a powerful message that Jagdeo is a political liability and seek a replacement leader.

          • Dharamkumar02

            Wow!!!, an excellent opinion, which could not have been more accurate. I sincerely hope that my fellow Guyanese of Indian background will pay heed to the aforementioned. Jagdeo is truly an Opportunist that used the Indian base to gain power and greed thereby this Scum of the Earth should be replaced so that Guyanese will enjoy a meaningful and honest Opposition Leader. I do hope by the way the law catches up with him earlier than later. Every thing Jagdeo has obtain was obtained illegally, and so I do hope that the most inevitable will occur some time soon where seizure of all his assets in and out of Guyana.

          • JuanMcLeland

            Hello Mini Me bye Darmkumar .

  • ExPPP_Man

    Hahahaha, took away all his responsibilities and is now Minister Of Newspapers. Cathy Hughes got the real high profile responsibilities.

  • KassemB

    ‘Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo is now responsible for governance, a portfolio that had been previously held by Raphael Trotman ‘
    What are the roles of Minister of Governance previously to now?
    Which new Departments Mosses in now responsible for?

  • Ah Nanimus

    Well, it’s about time Nagga do some work. Since election he been drawing free money and benefits and doing nothing.

    • faoud khan

      Would he be asking for additional SUV’s and larger offices now that he has a little bit of work to do? He should start by teaching his back bench colleagues to treat the Parliament with respect and decorum.

  • CREAM1968

    Emile Mervin sometimes I do wonder about you ???

    • Emile_Mervin

      I keep telling you people, the issues are not about bloggers, so stop worrying your head about bloggers and focus on the points of view blogged. If you have to respond to bloggers by focusing on the bloggers instead of their points of view, it means your reservoir of information is shallow to empty.

      • faoud khan

        Well said my friend. It is great bloggers use these media to vent their frustrations but they must remember each person is entitled to their opinion and there is no purpose in ridiculing a fellow blogger. We all should use all media to continue to vent our opinions but keep it civil irrespective of each other’s political leanings.

  • Dharamkumar02

    I wonder who the laugh is on now. I remember how the PPP scums behaved before this announcement. They mock the PM. Shame on you PPP Scums.

    • Col123

      So DK…you must really get a high from referring to others a scums!…I applaud your intellect and views and will write off your contribution to these media space as a waste of my tax dollars on your education….if you do have one…

  • Ashley Singh

    Give Moses any and all responsibilities. He does not give a hang so long as the CHEESE’ keeps rolling in.