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Escaped murder accused recaptured

Police have managed to recapture a prisoner who escaped from the New Amsterdam Prison on December 28.
According to a police release, at approximately  20:45 hrs  on Thursday night police ranks acting on information received went to an abandoned lot at Rose Hall, Corentyne, where they arrested escaped prisoner Neshan Jagmohan.

Jagmohan was on trial for the murder of businessman Devindra Deodat, on October 7, 2013 at Hampshire Squatting Area, Corentyne.

Deodat, the owner of Cool Runnings Trucking Service, was chopped and shot dead after a group of masked men stormed the grocery shop which he and his wife, Mala, 29, operated.

The bandits also chopped Deodat’s wife in the head and shot her father, Rafeek Abdul, 47, in the left arm.

During the murder/robbery, two of the three attackers were allegedly unmasked, allowing the victims to identify them at a subsequent identification parade.

  • Dharamkumar02

    Again, if guilty let him give information of the second person who was with him. At this time there is no need to try him, but HANG THEM BOTH.

  • SYL

    HANG THEM HIGH,TRY THEM FAST,DON’T WASTE TAX PAYERS MONEY ON FEEDING THEM. Poorer peoples and children need that money.