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Mother burnt to death, son injured by bandits

The remains of the house at Hope, West Coast Berbice where a woman was burned to death and her son injured by bandits.

The remains of the house at Hope, West Coast Berbice where a woman was burned to death and her son injured by bandits.

Bandits burned a house early Sunday morning, resulting in the death of a woman and injury to her son who were tied up before the building was set alight, police said.

Investigations are being conducted into the circumstances surrounding the death of Anita Baichan, 49 years, of Hope, WCB, who perished in a fire at her home about 0230h. today Sunday January 03, 2016.

Initial investigations indicate that two men armed with cutlasses entered the home and held up Baichan and her son Khan, 28 years, and demanded cash and jewellery, police said.

The perpetrators were given $30,000.00 but kept demanding more valuables. Having not received anything further from the victims the men used duct tape to tie the hands, feet and mouth of the victims and set the house on fire before escaping.

Police said Khan managed to roll out of the building but subsequent efforts, with assistance from neighbouring residents, failed to save Anita Baichan.

Khan, who was struck about his body with a cutlass during the incident, has been hospitalised.

  • The Viper

    Robbery doesn’t seem to be enough for these parasites anymore.

    This is absolutely disgusting.

  • SYL

    What is the answer to these criminals when caught? Put them in prison to be fed by tax payers money? The funny human rights people would say yes, then let them pay for it, and re-build the house for the victims, and re- capitalize the victims. Or put the noose around their necks , I go along with the security minister HANG THEM HIGH, PUNTO FINALE! You choose not to do honest work , then you should not eat.

  • Dharamkumar02

    This is totally inhuman. So in cases like these you hunt down these murderers and once found guilty, hang them. This is beyond human. My God where are we going?.

  • SYL

    Where are the other bloggers, only comment on political issues get involved in the main social issues before it reaches your home and family members.

  • ExPPP_Man

    Is dem time now. They can do as they feel, one race is the victim of state sponsored terrorism. The other race being constantly pardoned.

    • Dharamkumar02

      I am not a bit surprise that you are an ex PPP man. Every trait of your blog proves that, and trust me sir I have to let you know that it is so easy to detect, it is something you must think about sir. By the way I am an Indo Guyanese from Berbice Guyana Sir.