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OPINION: The Beautyful Ones Are Not Yet Born & The Guyana Man

By Dr Randy Persaud Recently, I took cognizance of GHK Lall’s ‘existential subjectivity’. This was a fancy way of speaking about the fantastic elasticity St. Gabriel takes with facts, with reality, and with the truth. You have seen the ways he bends the facts, twists and turns them, manipulates them, all in the name of achieving a level of textual ...

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OPINION: Bharrat Jagdeo running scared, even running mad – PART II

By GHK Lall In this continuation of yesterday’s contribution on Bharrat Jagdeo’s reaction to Nigel Hughes’ ascendancy to leadership in a major opposition party, the focus is limited to two issues: conflict of interest and interests. Jagdeo has driven himself into a frenzy about Nigel Hughes’ seeming conflict of interest in his professional (legal) relationship with Exxon. Interesting! This is ...

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Nigel Hughes lays down conditions for accepting nomination for AFC Leader, consensus opposition presidential candidacy

Former Chairman of the Alliance For Change (AFC) and well-known Attorney-at-Law, Nigel Hughes on Wednesday stopped short of saying he would accept nomination to become his party’s leader, and said much would depend on getting key commitments “on a set of principles” at his party’s conference slated for June 29. Hughes and former AFC General Secretary David Patterson were each ...

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