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Late Guyana Attorney General’s daughter fears acid attack in UK for anti-Brexit campaign

Gina Miller

(PRESS TRUST OF INDIA).- LONDON: An Indian-origin campaigner, who had mounted a successful legal challenge to prevent British Prime Minister Theresa May from triggering Brexit without Parliament’s approval, has spoken out of fears that she may be the target of an acid attack on the streets of London.

Gina Miller, who has been targeted by Brexiters on social media for her stance against Britain’s exit from the European Union (EU), said she could be forced to leave Britain as a result of death threats and abuse against her.

“I have been getting threats of having acid thrown in my face for months and months now. When I see someone walk towards me on the street with a bottle of water or something, I just freak out,” said the 52-year-old businesswoman.

Miller, born Gina Nadira Singh in British Guiana (now Guyana) to Guyana’s former Attorney General Doodnauth Singh, has been a vocal campaigner as part of a “Best for Britain” drive.

She lives under 24-hour security with her husband and three children, who she claims spend their weekends indoors due to fear.

“If it came to the point that it was just too much to bear from a security point of view, if I sat down with my police teams and we felt that it was a really serious threat, I would have to seriously consider leaving the UK,” she told ‘Verdict’ magazine.

“This would break my heart because I love this country and I am fighting for it. But we might have to,” she added.

Scotland Yard has served eight cease and desist notices to people who had sent Miller threatening messages.

Recently, a British aristocrat was jailed for 12 weeks for offering “5,000 pounds for the first person to accidentally run over this bloody troublesome first-generation immigrant” in reference to Miller on social media.

Rhodri Phillips had made a series of threatening Facebook posts against Miller before she took him to court over the attacks.

Miller’s concerns of an acid attack come against the backdrop of a growing number of such crimes on the streets of London.

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