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Govt calls in police to prevent City Hall from clamping vehicles ; new suspension order is “done deal”

The Ministry of the Presidency

Government has formally suspended the bylaws governing the parking meter project and has called in national police to prevent the Georgetown City Council and operatives of Smart City Solutions (SCS) from booting/clamping vehicles

“The Minister of Public Security, Mr. Khemraj Ramjattan was also instructed to advise the Commissioner of Police to ensure that as of Wednesday, March 22, 2017 citizens and their vehicles would receive the protection of the Guyana Police Force (GPF) to prevent them and/or their vehicles from being unduly hindered or restrained in any way, whatsoever, by the GCC and/or its agents,”  government said in a statement issued after Tuesday’s Cabinet meeting.

“As a consequence, the Minister of Communities, Mr. Ronald Bulkan was directed to formally suspend the operation of the By-laws governing the Parking Meter project with immediate effect,” the Ministry of the Presidency also said.

A statement issued by the Ministry of the Presidency says Cabinet was “disappointed with the lack of action taken” by the Georgetown City Council.  The majority of A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) councillors on Monday voted to allow the 30-member council time to study a legal opinion that states that Bulkan’s previous order was illegal and will have huge financial consequences if the parking meter system is suspended.

Cabinet last week had agreed to ask City Hall to suspend the contract for three months to allow for the review of the agreement in light of concerns by the public about that accord between the Mayor and City Council and SCS.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Communities  issued a statement late Tuesday night saying the new order  to suspend the parking meter project is a “done deal.”

Noting that the Georgetown Mayor and City Council had failed to act on the previous Order following legal opinion, the Minister said, “It appears that there was some ambiguity and the legal opinion that was proffered was that if the Council proceeded on the basis of that Order then it would be a decision of the Council… The Council did not seek to proceed on the basis of executing what it understood clearly as a Cabinet decision to withdraw this paid parking project. Instead it sought a way to frustrate the decision of the Cabinet and this is why I have expressed public dissatisfaction with the action of the Council,” he was quoted as saying in a government statement.

Minister Bulkan added that the new Order is unambiguous and leaves no room for discretion on the part of the City with regard to conformity. “This is a done deal and on the basis of this new Order, the Council would be clearly advised to inform the company [Smart City Solutions] that paid parking would be suspended. The company would be invited to enter into negotiations and at that stage it would be up to the company to determine what its response to this new action of the Government would be,” he said.

  • rs dasai

    And the Gvt cannot just ‘tell’ City Hall to haul U no what? And do not haul cars?

    • Col123

      They can clamp those donkey carts instead

  • Emile_Mervin

    And the circus continues…

    • Damned if you do;damned if you don’t.
      Granger, just for what you think is right for the majority of the people.

  • Lance Vance

    u call this ,snake a bite snake,rumjatoo afu is what u call the silent partner ,sorry silent stuge

  • Rohit Parmananad

    Granger dogs turn back and biting him and Bulkan is the dog whisper.
    Police dogs beat all.
    The circus is getting more hilarious Emile lmfaol.
    Rice gone sugar gone employment gone. A better life for all under the granger administration.

    • rudeo

      watch the gt circus fuh free…..boy o boy….never out of juicy stories fuh kaieteur and stabroek to print

  • ExPPP_Man

    Sounds like a civil war, let’s hope they keep their guns holstered.

    • Col123

      Hey KKK guy … more wuk fuh you to give the money care when deh get lock up…at least you don’t have any medicine to dispense

      • ExPPP_Man

        I glad fuh see all yuh kill out each other, ya’ll were going well between 2003 – 2006. Ya’ll need to restart.