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Bandit arrested during botched robbery at Chinese restaurant

One of two bandits was arrested and the bandit’s handgun’s magazine along with cash belonging to the owner of a Chinese Restaurant recovered, police said.

The Guyana Police Force credited the restaurateurs with “courage and bravery” in putting up a fight that led to the arrest of one of the suspected perpetrators. Investigators said the suspect is 23 years old and he lives at Middle Road, La Penitence, Georgetown.

The robbery occurred at Jods Chinese Restaurant at Canal Number One, Parfaite Harmonie, West Bank Demerara.


Investigators said that at about 11:30 Saturday night, October 15, 2016  the 48 and 46 year old victims were at the restaurant when the unmasked suspects, one armed with a handgun, pounced and relieved them of their valuables including a wallet and an undisclosed amount of cash, during which a round was discharged.

“A scuffle then ensued and the magazine of the firearm fell out and was retrieved by one of the victims. At that stage, the suspect with the gun threw the weapon to the other suspect who caught same and escaped but he was not so lucky as he was firmly held and handed over to the police who promptly arrived.

The wallet with the cash belonging to one of the victims was found in the possession of the suspect.

Police said they are making efforts to arrest the accomplice.

  • Col123

    Siblings likely!…

    • Kassee

      U probably was there and witnessed something.Biased.

      • Col123

        I am with Selman on this…he is having fun… by the way, those cops responded quickly… were they next to the Chinese restaurant?…fried rice anyone!..we may need to look into getting doughnuts restaurants in those Indos enclaves..

  • Col123

    Why the wasted energy to hold this thief firmly???..especially when they had weapons!… a hammer to both elbows and a three inch nail to both his knees would have held him securely before the cops arrived….

  • Dem creating havoc in that scheme !……putting more mobile cops 24×7 will be very useful.

    • Col123

      Yea.. time to invest in some doughnut shops and more fry rice restaurants around the country !

  • Kassee

    The two boys just came form church.They r innocent.That is how it is. RIght.?