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PPP still waiting on NCN to send invoices for political advertisements- Rohee

The People’s Progressive Party  (PPP) on Monday brushed aside suggestions that it used its advantage of incumbency to secure free political advertisements on  Guyana’s National Communications Network (NCN) for the 2011 and 2015 general election campaigns, and said it was up to the company to submit its invoices.

“We have asked for the data, we have asked for the invoices. We asked also for the materials to be attached as evidence for these debts. We haven’t received anything as yet,” said party  General Secretary, Clement Rohee. He declined to say specifically how long ago and from whom the information was requested.

He said NCN has long been asked in writing to send its invoices, and he hinted that no new request would be dispatched to the state radio and television broadcaster despite reports of a more than GYD$20 million debt. “They have correspondence from us that remains unanswered. That’s a government agency, they have to do their work,” Rohee said.

Rohee said his party wanted copies of the numerous forensic audits of NCN and other entities to be formally presented to the party and the former chairpersons of those entities so that they could respond.

Asked whether the PPP used its then incumbency to acquire free advertisements, he said “I know the party pays for whatever services it purchases or solicits or procures or that is outsourced – the PPP I am talking about- so we need to make a distinction between whatever they have; whether it is the government ministries or whether is the PPP,” he said. He labeled  as a “judgment issue” about whether the party had used its position as the party in power.


  • KassemB

    ‘PPP still waiting on NCN to send invoices for political advertisements- Rohee’
    The best one so far

    • george wiltshire

      What do you want the man to say? The government needs to do its work.

      • Emile_Mervin

        The invoices date back to 2011…

        • eddie

          that is why they are on the sideline!!!!!!!!!! but that did not give this entity the right to make there intention for payment through the media send the invoice and them expose them when they fail to pay bunch of novice that don’t know shit from shino as much as I hate to say it the goat man look like a genius and expose there penchant for trying to make the opposition look bad only for it to backfire on them

      • eddie

        what is wrong with them doing there work then again you might be on to something

  • eddie

    OMG!!!!!!!!!! where do people like you get off with these nonsense,,, since when do we hound the supplier to send my invoice, last I check it used to be the supplier send there invoice and if there is non-payment then the necessary procedure should be applied … this just goes to show how trivial the government is operating, NCN should send the bill and then go public if the payment is not made

  • eddie

    don’t assume!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the NCN should have sent that bill the minute it was discover, Rohee”the goat man” just show this government how trivial there are