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“Deeply concerned” – Granger says returning Guyanese accepted from Venezuela


President David Granger

President David Granger

Amidst rising concerns about a possible refugee crisis in Venezuela with the country’s economy on a rapid meltdown, Guyana’s President David Granger has declared that Guyana will be willing to accept Guyanese looking to return home from the neighbouring country.

Venezuela has been in crisis since the decline in oil prices on the world market.  International media reports indicate that three years of recession, crime, shortages, looting, electricity and water rationing, and inflation projected to rise to as much as 700 percent, have angered Venezuelans.

When asked by media operatives today, if he will accept refugees from that country, President Granger said, “We do not have any agreement with Venezuela about other refugees, and that is not something we have considered.”

However, the President said that Guyana is obligated to accept any Guyanese returning from Venezuela.

“I am deeply concerned, Guyana has special interest because of the territorial question, but I think the whole region is concerned about what is taking place in Venezuela, and we hope that there is not going to be a resort to lawlessness,” President Granger said.

Venezuelan soldiers outside a supermarket while people lining up to buy basic food items in Caracas, Venezuela, on Sunday.

Venezuelan soldiers outside a supermarket while people lining up to buy basic food items in Caracas, Venezuela, on Sunday.

More particularly, the President expressed concerns about the involvement of the Venezuelan National Armed Forces in the crisis in the country.

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro has deployed military personnel on the streets as part of an operation to address the growing crime situation and protests.

“I hope that a legal approach is taken, an orderly approach is taken for the security of the whole sub-region because it will have an impact on the Caribbean as well,” President Granger said.

The Guyana Defence Force  has already stated that the situation is being monitored.

  • Emile_Mervin

    I will never forget Madman Hugo campaigning on a platform to lift the standard of Venezuelan living, only to wind up spending billions of dollars on military equipment frim Russia aND elsewhere. He had plans to dominate the region, but the Almighty rules in the affairs of man. Can Venezuelans eat their military hardware or turn their ‘swords’ into ‘ploughshares’?

    Then, instead of picking someone with qualifications and experience in business or economics or finance to assist him, Hugo, a former army paratrooper, picked a bus driver. Talk about dumb and dumber! All they had to do was turn back the pages of Guyana history and they’d see Guyana was right where they are today, with the same socialist crap as the major reason. Only left now for Madman Maduro to die in office before change can take place.

  • george wiltshire

    In the communist junt a tailor became the chairman of Guyana Electricity Corp. An uneducated Barney became a headmaster. Lately we had a bright homo being in charge of the media.

  • rs dasai

    ‘Willing to accept’ those in Venez while exhorting others in NA to return? Really?

  • Truth !

    only a fool would want to settle in guyana

  • rudeo

    Guyanese have every right to return to their homeland…wherever they might be…..this is their land