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“You give me a break” – Bar association President storms out of COI

GBA President, Chris Ram

GBA President, Chris Ram

President of the Guyana Bar Association (GBA) Christopher Ram on Tuesday pulled the plug on the groups participation in the Camp Street Commission of Inquiry (CoI) after growing wary of the ‘unfair’ treatment being meted out to him by the Commission.

The GBA had applied and was granted full participatory rights at the Commission at its commencement several weeks ago.

Throughout the weeks, Ram had raised concerns about the limitation on the time being for the members of the GBA and other interested parties to cross examination witnesses brought before the CoI.

Essentially Ram’s concern was centered around the fact that the Attorneys representing the Guyana Prison Service, Guyana Police Force and Guyana Fire Service had unlimited time to cross examine but the same was not being afforded to the others.

As Ram rose to question Senior Prison Superintendent Gladwin Samuels on Wednesday afternoon, he raised the objection once more with the Chairman Justice James Patterson.

Patterson reminded Ram that they were not in a court of law and the time prescribed to cross examine is purely up to his discretion.

Not satisfied with the response, Ram flew into a fit of rage and said the Bar Association was no longer interested in being a part of the Inquiry.

Ram had also raised concerns about interruptions by other attorneys in the COI without any proper point of order.

It was pointed out by Prison Attorney Selwyn Pieters that Ram as the Bar Association President took the decision in a unilateral manner which should not have happened.

To this Ram responded “You give me a break,” as he walked out of the room.

  • MEMES Unlimited

    Yet another expanding imbroglio in the Coalition’s pipeline…volatile mix of explosive material of multifaceted revelations. Oh God!!…..This COI is about people’s lives lost and their families grief…more so for persons innocent until proven guilty. THIS ONE HAS TO HANDLED AND SPUN VERY DELICATELY, IN A LEGALLY CORRECT MANNER THAT HAS AT THE BARE MINIMUM AN INTERPRETATION THAT JUSTICE IS BEING SERVED…THE NATION AND THE WHOLE WORLD IS TRULY WATCHING.

    It was so easy to criticize from the opposition bench and one would assume comprehensive plans and capable exponents would be inserted to offset vast PPP/C mistakes and inculcate a more balanced and progressive system going forward?!!

    Post election analysis in just the very short term…woefully inadequate on oh so many fronts that it is becoming truly ABSOLUTELY SCARY to discern what it is that drives them, which direction we’re heading, who is really in charge, who is pulling who’s strings, what the next day’s unfolding drama will reveal, how many more businesses will go under, where will the next unilateral decision come from, when the plug will be pulled for which investment thrust and then who will secretly replace the plug or return the asset, what charges will be laid after massive expenditure of the people’s money for forensic investigations, when will the Rodney COI docs. be released, what will be the next human rights violation highlighted, and who’s visa will be pulled consequently, determination as to whether the current suicide statistics is more directly related to the current imbroglio and economic collapse, when will some economist group (a la Clive Thomas??!!) declare an impending collapse and massive job/income loss, when will the knee-jerk reactions on an almost daily basis cease, who will finally rise and take charge to correct these comprehensive across the board variances, where is the Durban Park massive expenditure of the people’s money really going, why are so many Government contracts not being awarded in a transparent legal manner, how much of the people’s money was spent on the City clean up campaign, names of the groups benefitting from such clean up efforts and their possible interconnections to ministers/officials/City Hall, where have all the jobs promised to young people evaporated, when will GPHC drugs procurement be corrected, why aren’t proper letters sent out to business people in a structured manner for donations as opposed to bullyism tactics, who are the business lobbyists being granted favors “unlawfully” for money given, why is the cleanup campaign so selective for a small part of G/Town and neglecting huge swaths of other villages, when will Guyana have a Ministry of Labour as per the law; and on and on, AD NAUSEAM!!!!!
    This commentary is contextualized upon the Coalition’s platform of “TIME FOR CHANGE…TRANSPARENCY and ACCOUNTABILITY.