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“Unbecoming and very political” – Rohee responds to Top Cop’s criticism


Former Home Affairs Minister and Leader of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) Clement Rohee has dismissed statements by Police Commissioner Seelall Persaud regarding his tenure as Home Affairs Minister as “political” and “unbecoming.”

Rohee at a press conference last Monday had stated that promotions should be placed on hold until certain disciplinary matters are complete.

“Little or nothing is known about the number of disciplinary matters that have been before the Police Service Commission for some time now…Several disciplinary matters are before a disciplinary authority headed by former Senior Magistrate Cecil Sullivan,” said Rohee.

Seelall responded saying that he was not pleased with the suggestion made by Rohee for the promotions of police officers be placed on hold. The Top Cop argued that it would negatively impact the morale of the officers.

“I thought that the commissioner was being very political in that statement…reading that statement, I believe, he became overtly political which I have never seen recently,” said Rohee.

Rohee was adamant that in the past he never meddled with the promotions of police officer and that it was something for the Police Service Commission.

“It is unbecoming of a commissioner of police,” he stated.

The promotion of ranks has been placed on hold until February 2016.

  • Keith Williams

    Of course your tenure was political and unbecoming. Although it has to accepted that you lack the civilized mental development to grasp what that means, that does not alter the fact that you displayed a [personality that was uncouth, prejudice and boorish.

    As the civilian ministerial head of Law Enforcement, you dismissed concerns about torture with the flippant remark that people are more concerned with Christmas barrels than torture. That remark is evident of a personality and intellectual mindset miles southerly distant from what was required for the position you held. That today your attention span or lack of sensitivity allows you to dismiss or ignore these kinds of faux pas in your attitude and behaviors, adds to rather than detracts from the assessment that your tenure as MOHA was indeed incidented by behaviors and attitudes that were political and unbecoming.

    • Dharamkumar02

      Dead on Sir. He Rohee is no better than GARBAGE.

  • Emile_Mervin

    Cement Rotee ran political interference in the police force to such an extent that when his Brickdam office was under renovations, he moved his office into Eve Leary compound.

    Then there was the David Ramnarine debacle in which the PPP government said it spent millions of dollars on food and logistics for police officers during the 2011 elections, but Assistant Commissioner David Ramnarine only knew about a few thousand dollars, not millions, for his group. Some GY$90m appeared unaccounted for by the police.

    The PPP cannot stop David Ramnarine and this is the man who should be leading the arrests of the crooks in a cup!

    • Dharamkumar02

      Emile you are absolutely right. I just mentioned this within the last two weeks.

  • weir

    Seelall is right also he is ungrateful. He forget that is Ramotor/PPP who appointed him last March when Granger had challenged his appointment and said that the appointment was flawed.
    It is just a matter of time before he will be ethnic purged.

    • Dharamkumar02

      I will certainly agree with you Seelall don’t deserve the Position. Ramnarine should be there, again I have said this within the last two weeks.

    • stagg05

      So because he said that the people that are due for promotion would be disappointed he is ungrateful?…smh..ur just being a hater..if the new government was gonna get rid of him it was gonna happen already..the first thing President Granger said when he took office was that Seelall’s job was safe..i see ur another PPP ethnic hater

  • Dharamkumar02

    This A**hole rohee should not be talking at all.This arrogant Jack*** makes me so angry I have to control my self. I want him to display his Credentials to the entire of Guyana for all Guyanese to see, then let the people decide if he should speak on anyone’s behalf. My fellow Guyanese I dare him to do that. Only the PPP can accamodate this fool. I wonder what will it take to dump this guy rohee who burrowed his friend bicycle in from of Liberty Cinema and up to this day he didn’t return the bike. Go back to washing bikes and cars goat man, I think you will do Guyana better.

  • Johnjohn

    Rohee absolutely and habitually instructed Greene to harass, arrest etc people the PPP/C didn’t happen to like, trumping up charges as need be (and getting them dismissed too, for cronies). It was common practice from the top down.